Saturday, August 28, 2010

Is Pavlova and Creme Brulee diet friendly?

Good Morning! So some good friends of ours invited us over for dinner last night. We haven't seen them for ages so we bit the bullet and took the baby D out for the night, which is a pretty big step for us!!

Had a beautiful dinner. They didn't realise I can't do spicy food (REALLY can't do spicy food) so luckily they had some spag bol type stuff in the fridge so I ate their left overs instead. I felt pretty rude but trust me you don't want me eating spicy! (Hubby especially wouldn't)

Then came dessert........................... I don't really think it was diet friendly, so it's a good thing I was intending on giving myself a "night off". Home made Pavlova with rasberries and a little cream, and home made Creme Brulee!!! Was sooooo good and I can say I only had one serving, even though there was still half a pav left. So nice.

After that our friend (who was also my midwife) gave me some accupuncture, as she is training to incorporate this for her "mummies", I have bad back pain that has been an issue for 9 years now and whenever I see a physio etc, they just want to tell me how to strengthen my core, not help take the existing pain away.We only did one side of my back and you know what? I think today that side is actually a little better!!! Wasn't sure if it would work or not, and I know it's only temporary but still it's good. She's happy to do the other side over the next few days so may have to go back for another visit.

We had a good night and baby D even had a lil sleep on the couch. Not much considering he had been awake for all but half an hour since 7.30 that morning, but still it let us have a nice night out and we didn't get home til midnight! Go us!!

Anyway back to it today, will make sure I am a good girl again now.

Have a good weekend :)


  1. wow...just found your blog on Kiwi mummys and will be reading on for some inspiration! Im keen to get my butt off the couch and get moving too. Thanks for posting this!

  2. Hi Jacksta
    Welcome, hope you find it interesting! The more people following me the more I might feel committed to keeping up with it!!


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