Friday, September 3, 2010

This blog post is no healthier than the last!!

hehe anyone reading this blog would think that this was a blog about me eating lots of fattening food, not of trying to lose some weight!!!

Today I made a cookies and cream cheesecake, which was accompanied by chocolate eclairs, icecream and SPRINKLES!! A friend and I decided it was time we celebrated the fact that I am no longer a chocolate addict by... well... eating chocolate. Actually it wasn't really that chocolatey, but that's not to say it was healthy! 

Pretty impressed with my cheesecake making skills. I'm even better at eating it though.

So here it is, 11.30pm on a Friday night. Husband is away at a MAN-Shower (husbandly version of a baby shower) where they are all in Whangamata drinking and playing xbox til Sunday. I'm at home with a cold, with our almost 1year old, teething, fluey crankey baby. 2 nights in a row now he has refused to sleep until late. Last night it was 10.30 tonight he went down for an hour then was up until about 10 minutes ago. I'm thinking though that he is still sensitive to the foods I eat, as after eating no chocolate for 12 weeks I had a chocolate bar yesterday and it was straight after that that he got super hypo. Crazy hypo! And then tonight he woke while I was eating my kick ass- fat ass cheesecake etc, and has had about 4 feeds in the last couple of hours and has been wide awake since. 1 year old on a sugar high anyone? I guess that is a very good reason to continue to not eat chocolate, as if I am going to be landed with a hyperactive baby at 11 o clock at night because of it, it's completely not worth the few minutes pleasure at eating it!

So onto exercise - Yes I have been for a walk recently. I have this stupid cold though (5th one this winter, gotta be a record) so have been pretty uninspired. I did go for a 5ish km walk yesterday at least and if it isn't raining in the morning I will go for another.. if I'm not sleeping that is.

On that note, absolutely shattered, baby has been asleep for 10mins, must be time for me to crash now too!

Night all


  1. You should share your cookies n cream cheesecake recipe! I made one up years ago but I've lost it :0(

  2. Ahh I'm sure I can do that! Will fb email it


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