Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Years Resolutions - What's yours?

So it's the 30th December and I thought I would start working on those things we hear so much about at this time of year - New Years Resolutions. Overrated though they may be, I always like to have a few jotted down to try and make myself a better person in the future.

I asked my hubby what his New Years Resolutions are, and you know what he said? "Nothing, I'm perfect" So I asked him, "If you weren't perfect, what would your resolutions be then?" "To be more like me"

**Sigh** It was just another typical conversation with my husband that has an answer for everything.

So anyway, MY Resolutions.

1. Get pregnant with baby #2.
2. To be more relaxed about things... chill a little.
3. Drink more water, eat less crap.
4. Invoke my happy place when driving and not get so Road Ragey.
5. Spend more time on my craftier pursuits, instead of having a box of half finished projects that never gets finished.
6.Get back into my walking. Not another half marathon, but just going for walks more often.
7. Get back on track with my eating.
8. Be more organised with my housework.
9. Take the boy out on more fun outings, instead of mostly just taking him out when I run errands.

So I have a few already. I will probably add more before the weekend, but for the meantime, have you thought about your Resolutions? Any you'd care to share?

Have a great rest of 2010!!


Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Xmas to everyone in Bloggy land!

Merry Xmas! I hope that you have had a lovely day yesterday and ate well, gave well, caught up with friends and family and generally had a fantastic time.We had a good day here. Had my Dad and his partner round in the morning, then my mum, brother, mum and dad-in-law and sister-in-law round for lunch. It's funny, as stressful as having Xmas Lunch at our place can  be, and all the tidying up that comes before and after it, I still much prefer it to having to take the kid out visiting at various houses.
So we had a pretty good day and got very spoiled!!! A few pics below of our boys pressy haul. Check out his awesome new bike!! He loves it and even more so, the helium balloons that were attached to the handle bars!!

Hope that you are enjoying your time off (if you have time off)


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A morning in the life of Multi-Tasking Mummy

Hello. Haven't been on here a huge amount lately as, with everyone else I expect, it has been hideously busy in our household.
We haven't even written/posted Xmas cards yet! So i feel a few people may be getting them after Xmas. Oh well. We were meant to put the Xmas Tree up last night, but both hubby and myself had a pretty ratshit day and so we promised each other we will do it tonight. And I will write my cards after I do this. Priorities priorities!!

So this morning I have done 2 loads of washing, given my mum another load to wash and a load to hang out, cleaned the bathroom right out (apart from shower, that's hubbys job), made a good start on the lounge/kitchen, and entertained a 1 year old that didn't think he needed a sleep today. (He was wrong, and has been asleep for half an hour) oh and had quick visits from my mum and mum-in-law. Got to go out soon to an appointment, and do more housework, and have a friend coming to visit who I haven't seen in ages, and give my self and tornado boy lunch, so a busy afternoon!

Sorry this is such a boring post. Thought I better stop by, but then realised I had nothing interesting to put on here. Tornado boy and myself did perform a secret mission yesterday, but I cannot show the end effects of this until after Xmas. I will say though, that I am quite pleased with the outcome.

Better get to writing these Xmas cards. Apparently even with modern technology, they still do not write themselves!!


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Toddler Tantrums and progress in my own Time Management!

Well it's nearly lunchtime and I have spent the last 2 hours contending with a very stroppy 15 month old who refused to sleep or do anything without holding on to "Bawoon". It's his red balloon with a face that I drew on to it. He is completely obsessed with it. So I performed the horrible mummy job and left him in his cot to cry himself to sleep but he would get himself so worked up and start gagging, virtually hyperventilating, so I had to get him up once or twice. He still didn't get bawoon though, I gave him a ball as a compromise and in the end it was his morning tea time, when he would normally be getting up from his sleep, so he had morning tea, a drink and a quick play and cuddle and back to bed again. Fingers crossed it appears to be working.

I think Mr Bawoon Face might have to move out... He might take a needle with him and "pop" out for a bit while Dex is asleep. Sheesh. I'm so mean. But look how manky he is. Bits of bananna on him and his eyes are getting all smudgey.

So the toddler tantrums are definitely on their way, right as we decide that we could be convinced to have another baby in the near future. Timing is everything.

My first article on Kiwi Mummy Blogs is up today, it's on Time Management. Something that is pretty dang important to me at the moment. I have been trying very hard to take my own advice and work on keeping house tidy, getting jobs done AND working 8 hours a week and having some mummy time and mummy/daddy time. It's a work in progress but I am getting there!!

Anyway, check out my first article here, at Love to have your feedback!

I also have a goal to get to 20 followers by the end of the year. I may well be pinning my hopes a little too high, but hey, a goal is a goal. So if you have a blog and you like my blog, would you put me on your list so people can see it? If you let me know, and I will do the same for you, although I think most are on my main page already.

Better go do something productive before tornado child is up again.


Thursday, December 9, 2010

The cuteness that is a 15months olds jibber-jabber

I am absolutely blown away by how far my Little Tornado has come in the last week. Besides the walking, his vocabulary has increased hugely!!

Now, besides the usual Mum, Bub, Dad, Dog, Pusssss, hat, hi, bye that we have had for awhile we now have:

My dad dad (hubby loves this one)
My Ted (while holding his bed time teddy, very cute)
Mudd (the cat)
Odie (the dog, said in a rather creepy deep voice... must have heard us telling the dog off)
Bawoooon (Balloon. Very cute, especially when he is pointing at the Xmas baubles in shopping centres)
Duck (followed by lots of quacking)
We can now sing "Old MacDonald" and he chimes in perfectly with eee iiiiiiii eeee iiiiiii makes us laugh every time.

There's a few others I can't think of right now. But unfortunately, with great vocabulary, comes great bossyness. At 15 months of age he is already getting very good at telling us what he wants. Especially if he is crawling. He just rams his head into your leg and keeps pushing until you move, or points at a closed door, looks at you and says "OUT!!"

A lot more of that to come I'm sure!

Here's to my cute lil walking baby!

So my little tornado too a bit longer than all his friends to start walking, but we look to be away now.
On Monday morning he was able to take 4 steps before plopping back down. By Monday night he was taking 20 steps without holding on to anything!! Unfortunately the next trial after the 20 steps resulted in a massive crash and a huge bump on his forehead. He didn't actually hit it that hard, just on a bad angle I guess.

Anyway, said crash appears to have hindered his confidence as we are back down to 4 steps again. Poor little guy. He absolutely LOVES pushing his bike around the lounge though, and gets SO MAD if we try to take him away from it.

Another plus side from being so active is that he is sleeping better than ever!! He has a 1.5-2 hour sleep in the morning, uuuussually a sleep in the afternoon then sleeps 8pm-7.30, generally without getting up. Now that I have said that, what's the bet he will have a terrible night tonight? :)

Monday, December 6, 2010

Bon Jovi rocked!!

So we went to Bon Jovi last night and it absolutely ROCKED!!! I think Jon himself was off his rocker for a good 75% of the show (if not all) he even had creepy facials where his eyes rolled back in his head. After that happened a few times though, they stopped showing close ups of his face. Funny that.

Was pretty loud as you would expect a Bon Jovi concert to be, and we went in quite apprehensive about our seats, as we had picked them when it was booked at Ericsson and they didn't look like they were going to be any good at Vector. We were so wrong. Man, I think they would have to have been the best seats we could have gotten! Absolutely perfect. Will be booked seats in that area next time I think.

It was a really long day for me. Saturday I didn't get to sleep until after midnight, was woken at 6.30am Sunday as that's when Dex decided to wake up, then was up until 3am Monday Morning. So I was pretty shattered!! Besides that though, I had a great time, got a few good pictures too which I will post below.

Hubby was our chauffeur and so he got to have today off work as he would have been too tired this morning. Lucky boy, Dex and I even went out for the afternoon so he could play Xbox in his man cave in peace. Damn we good to him :)

(ps 3 of these 4 photos stolen from Kelly :) In case she thinks I am taking her glory!)

Friday, December 3, 2010

Multi Tasking Mummy is really multi tasking! And loses .5kg in the process!

Ok so I know .5kg aint much. But guess what? I'll take what I can get! :) So that brings me down to 87.3kg. Next weeks aim is 86.9. I seem to be sitting on around .5kg a week so I won't aim too high to disappoint myself!

Off to Bon Jovi this weekend, CAN'T WAIT!!! Baby daddy is driving me, a mate and my mum up to Auckland, we are having a feed at Sylvia Park then he is dropping us off at Vector and going to hang with friends til it's time to pick us up and head back home to Tauranga. Will be a long night for lil D but it's a one off and I'm sure he can handle it.

I wrote an article/blog for Kiwi Mummy Blogs recently, to be published... next week I think? Anyway, it was on Time Management for Mummies and how to find time for yourself. I send out a few questions to lots of mums that I know to get some advice on how they manage their time, and got some great feedback, all of which is in the article (you will just have to wait until it comes out!) and all of which I have taken on board myself and tried to incorporate into my daily life to try and keep house tidy, be a good mum, be nice to my mum and take her places, and still work a couple of nights a week and have some time for hubby and I as well.

It's a big ask I tell ya!

Especially lately with being sick and so when lil D has his morning sleep I have been going back to bed instead of being productive. I'm still catching up on sleep now even so am off for a sleep shortly but hubby was nice the other night and cleaned up the lounge and kitchen for me when I was at work, which has given me a head start. That and he promises to fix the washing machine so I can stop taking loads to mums or spending an hour each day trying to make it go!! That should free me up heaps!

I wanted to show you what I am contending with in terms of sorting out the playroom/office. It is a bombsite!! I am selling loads of stuff on trade me, trying to downsize before #2 is in progress and subsequently arrives and wants a bedroom. Currently he/she would have the hot water cupboard and I think you will agree that is no place for a baby, especially in the summer months!! (I'm kidding, baby wouldn't sleep in the hwc, maybe the garage? jokes again of course)

So I'm being brave, see below for where I started on the playroom/office and feel sorry for me trying to clean it up with a 15month old who likes to "help"

Will check in again on Monday, bye!!

Above - There is a desk under there SOMEWHERE!

Cheers Dex, you're really helping!

THIS IS SPARTAAAAAAA!! Even Sparta dude got scared of the room and hid behind the mountain of Trade Me Boxes!