Friday, December 3, 2010

Multi Tasking Mummy is really multi tasking! And loses .5kg in the process!

Ok so I know .5kg aint much. But guess what? I'll take what I can get! :) So that brings me down to 87.3kg. Next weeks aim is 86.9. I seem to be sitting on around .5kg a week so I won't aim too high to disappoint myself!

Off to Bon Jovi this weekend, CAN'T WAIT!!! Baby daddy is driving me, a mate and my mum up to Auckland, we are having a feed at Sylvia Park then he is dropping us off at Vector and going to hang with friends til it's time to pick us up and head back home to Tauranga. Will be a long night for lil D but it's a one off and I'm sure he can handle it.

I wrote an article/blog for Kiwi Mummy Blogs recently, to be published... next week I think? Anyway, it was on Time Management for Mummies and how to find time for yourself. I send out a few questions to lots of mums that I know to get some advice on how they manage their time, and got some great feedback, all of which is in the article (you will just have to wait until it comes out!) and all of which I have taken on board myself and tried to incorporate into my daily life to try and keep house tidy, be a good mum, be nice to my mum and take her places, and still work a couple of nights a week and have some time for hubby and I as well.

It's a big ask I tell ya!

Especially lately with being sick and so when lil D has his morning sleep I have been going back to bed instead of being productive. I'm still catching up on sleep now even so am off for a sleep shortly but hubby was nice the other night and cleaned up the lounge and kitchen for me when I was at work, which has given me a head start. That and he promises to fix the washing machine so I can stop taking loads to mums or spending an hour each day trying to make it go!! That should free me up heaps!

I wanted to show you what I am contending with in terms of sorting out the playroom/office. It is a bombsite!! I am selling loads of stuff on trade me, trying to downsize before #2 is in progress and subsequently arrives and wants a bedroom. Currently he/she would have the hot water cupboard and I think you will agree that is no place for a baby, especially in the summer months!! (I'm kidding, baby wouldn't sleep in the hwc, maybe the garage? jokes again of course)

So I'm being brave, see below for where I started on the playroom/office and feel sorry for me trying to clean it up with a 15month old who likes to "help"

Will check in again on Monday, bye!!

Above - There is a desk under there SOMEWHERE!

Cheers Dex, you're really helping!

THIS IS SPARTAAAAAAA!! Even Sparta dude got scared of the room and hid behind the mountain of Trade Me Boxes!


  1. Lucky your helper is very cute! Good luck with the rest of that cleaning mish. Oh and I bet that your mate going to the concert is super cool :P

  2. Well she will look pretty super cool seeing as she is wearing my clothes and jewellery!


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