Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A morning in the life of Multi-Tasking Mummy

Hello. Haven't been on here a huge amount lately as, with everyone else I expect, it has been hideously busy in our household.
We haven't even written/posted Xmas cards yet! So i feel a few people may be getting them after Xmas. Oh well. We were meant to put the Xmas Tree up last night, but both hubby and myself had a pretty ratshit day and so we promised each other we will do it tonight. And I will write my cards after I do this. Priorities priorities!!

So this morning I have done 2 loads of washing, given my mum another load to wash and a load to hang out, cleaned the bathroom right out (apart from shower, that's hubbys job), made a good start on the lounge/kitchen, and entertained a 1 year old that didn't think he needed a sleep today. (He was wrong, and has been asleep for half an hour) oh and had quick visits from my mum and mum-in-law. Got to go out soon to an appointment, and do more housework, and have a friend coming to visit who I haven't seen in ages, and give my self and tornado boy lunch, so a busy afternoon!

Sorry this is such a boring post. Thought I better stop by, but then realised I had nothing interesting to put on here. Tornado boy and myself did perform a secret mission yesterday, but I cannot show the end effects of this until after Xmas. I will say though, that I am quite pleased with the outcome.

Better get to writing these Xmas cards. Apparently even with modern technology, they still do not write themselves!!


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  1. Oh so that's why you haven't been online, I've had to resort to actually doing my housework, tragic times I tell you! :P


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