Sunday, July 11, 2010

It's been awhile..

Well after that last mammoth blog entry it's been quite some time since I have updated on here. Mainly because there hasn't been a whole lot to say regarding my exercise.
Came down with what I thought was my recurring Glandular Fever. Last Sunday night when to bed with an aching arm and a hideously sore throat, woke up with glands up, chest pains, sore neck, back, hips, knee, ankles and wrist as well as the throat and arm and a headache. Oh and had no energy whatsoever. Funny that.
So I took it easy for awhile, when I was 17 I had Glandular Fever and some kind of hepatitis, and 12ish years later it still affects me when I get too run down. Feeling a lot better now though so if it was Glandular Fever, I fought it off.

So today I went for a big walk, 13.5km and I thought that was a pretty good effort seeing how little I did this week.

This time in 3 weeks I will have completed my first (walking) half marathon. After todays walk I am still rather apprehensive about it, but feeling more like I can complete it. And then some time around September or soonish after, we start trying for baby#2. So need to lose more weight! Really had thought that walking the distances I am I would have lost SOME weight, even if it hasn't been as regular as I would have liked.

Oh and the Chocolate - still only messed up once, accidently ate a (stale and very small) chocolate chip cookie at my sons' playgroup. Besides that it's been about 5 weeks now with nothing but the occasional hot chocolate.