Sunday, January 26, 2014

9 months since I last posted...hmmm

Well, I can honestly say, 2013 was one of the craziest years of my life!!! Sick bubba, busy family life, often sick or burnt out myself, and the wee business that I looked at starting up, making tutus and other crafty stuff, kind of got a lot busier than I ever expected it to!!!
My Dexter Bear is now 4!!! Can't believe he starts school in September!
2014 is all about changing my attitude towards my health, time management, but also being a better mummy and wife. I have been working on my "happy face" and trying to be more positive for my family's sake. It's a work in progress, but I'm trying.

Nutrition wise, we are having a lot less takeaways. Hubby really felt like Butter Chicken and Naans today, so we had them, but neither of us enjoyed it at all, nor did we clean our plates off. Serving sizes have come down, I have discovered that an actual serving size of a low sugar cereal for breakfast is actually NOT the end of the world, and does keep me full longer than expected. The emotional eating is coming back under control, and I am working on my willpower to say no to foods that I REALLY don't need.

Now to up the exercise. This is the hard part. As I have written about in the past, I get many many aches and pains, these have all gotten worse over the years since having Glandular Fever at 17, and then worse after having my son, and MUCH worse still after having my daughter 2 years ago. Being 30kg heavier than my "ideal" weight does not help in any way, but it also means that most days, even just getting out for a decent walk (we have some big hills either way from our place) is too much even. So I am starting back into exercise REALLY sloooowwlllyyyy. Very gentle, in the hopes that not overdoing it for once will help me increase my strength and fitness, then lose weight and be able to build it up without coming crashing down again, as I did last year, and ended up sick for over a month.
Wee Ambi has just turned 2!!! This is her at her 2nd Birthday Party
So yeah. I'm hoping resurrecting this blog will help keep me accountable, and also the Facebook page that this is connected to as well, with a few followers there, if they are still around.

Does anyone still read blogs? If you are out there and you are reading this, drop me a comment and say hi :)