Saturday, August 28, 2010

Is Pavlova and Creme Brulee diet friendly?

Good Morning! So some good friends of ours invited us over for dinner last night. We haven't seen them for ages so we bit the bullet and took the baby D out for the night, which is a pretty big step for us!!

Had a beautiful dinner. They didn't realise I can't do spicy food (REALLY can't do spicy food) so luckily they had some spag bol type stuff in the fridge so I ate their left overs instead. I felt pretty rude but trust me you don't want me eating spicy! (Hubby especially wouldn't)

Then came dessert........................... I don't really think it was diet friendly, so it's a good thing I was intending on giving myself a "night off". Home made Pavlova with rasberries and a little cream, and home made Creme Brulee!!! Was sooooo good and I can say I only had one serving, even though there was still half a pav left. So nice.

After that our friend (who was also my midwife) gave me some accupuncture, as she is training to incorporate this for her "mummies", I have bad back pain that has been an issue for 9 years now and whenever I see a physio etc, they just want to tell me how to strengthen my core, not help take the existing pain away.We only did one side of my back and you know what? I think today that side is actually a little better!!! Wasn't sure if it would work or not, and I know it's only temporary but still it's good. She's happy to do the other side over the next few days so may have to go back for another visit.

We had a good night and baby D even had a lil sleep on the couch. Not much considering he had been awake for all but half an hour since 7.30 that morning, but still it let us have a nice night out and we didn't get home til midnight! Go us!!

Anyway back to it today, will make sure I am a good girl again now.

Have a good weekend :)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Should be exercising right now...

So I really should get off the couch and hop on the treadmill! It's so cold in Tauranga this morning. I have heaps of house work to do and should be getting in some exercise, but it's really cold, the heater is on, Biggest Loser on TV and baby is sleeping... Think I will just stay on the couch!

Have had issues with baby sleeping the last few days/nights and so am really tired and not feeling so inspired to exercise, need to sort that out! Treadmill is starting to get dusty again, but I have at least been using the Ab Circle Pro regularly. Not sure that I am going to lose 4kg in 10 days like they promise, but I can feel it working!!

I've been chatting to a friend who has lost a lot of weight post pregnancy (40 odd kg!) and is down to the last 5kg, swapping stories on tips etc, it is inspiring to have someone who has been in the same boat and succeeded.

I am quite enjoying the episode of Biggest Loser today. A bit cheesy but it's got some "Commando" guy on it, teaching them to push through barriers and the "I can'ts" that come with being lazy and overweight. Willpower! That's what I need a bit more of :) I am definitely looking forward to being able to afford to go back to the gym. Not that you need a gym to lose weight, but it does help to have somewhere to show up to!!

Enough rambling. Hope everyone has a great day.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Weigh to go...

So I weighed in this morning. Wasn't expecting great things as I had a sick husband all last week and so was playing nursey and not getting out exercising and our diet was none so good. I gained .5kg which I guess in the end isn't sooo bad. Had a big carby dinner tonight of lasagne and gateau but it was my brothers birthday so kind of justified myself there, and I didn't have seconds, just one of each :)
So back onto it again tomorrow. And I have made myself a promise to start using the treadmill on the days that I use the weather as an excuse!

On a slightly different note, with all these friends doing big spring cleans and clearing out junk they no longer need, I really need to get on to this myself. We barely have room in our house for myself, hubby and baby, let alone baby #2 so need to have a clear out and stop being such a hoarder. I think I will just tackle one area (maybe even one cupboard/draw) per day. Will end badly otherwise!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

1.3kg Down... Too many to mention to go!

Just realised I didn't update on here on Monday when I weighed in. I had lost another 1kg so that is 1.3kg in 2 weeks but about 4kg in about 8weeks (I stopped weighing myself for awhile but that was at the last check) so I would like to get down to 80kg if at all possible (another 9.5kg). Ok it is possible, but I would like to do it before getting up the duff again. So soon would be nice.

Have been playing nursey mummy to my uber sick husband who has been home all week. Thankfully he is due to go back to work tomorrow and so I might be able to get back into some kind of routine... Like walk-running programme and ab-circle pro-ing.

Am going out for a buffet lunch on Saturday with the girls, am sure that will be a complete diet blow out so I should make sure I am good leading up to and after it.

Will check in here again over the weekend or on Monday when I have the next weigh in.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


So I last posted on my "rest day". The following day, which should have been "DAY 4" I went out attempting to follow the programme as before, but this time I had the pram and baby with me. WHAT A DISASTER!!!

I tried, I really did. But what a nightmare. I'd had a few rough nights with the baby, stomach was playing up again, tyres on the pram were flat and on it went. The programme called for warm up 5 minutes,  then run 2/walk 1 5 times then run 1/walk 1 5 times, then a 5 minute cool down. I managed warm up, run 2 minutes, walk 1, run 30 seconds... walk the rest of the way. I seriously couldn't even manage to run 1 minute and barely made it home walking slowly!

So a disaster. Anyhoo, I thought I would give myself a couple of days to feel a little better, get some sleep etc... and haven't gotten back in to it. Too tired, too busy, too excuse excuse.

Hoping it is going to be nice and sunny tomorrow so I at least go out for a walk and maybe just start back at the beginning of the programme. I found the first 2 (3 if you count the rest day) easy. But that was without a pram. So maybe I should stick to treadmilling it until my fitness comes back up again.

Am also going to trial having a complan drink and some fruit for dinner. It's gonna be horrible at first, as my dinners are where the serving size issue comes in to play, I'm just SO hungry at night. But will try to eat better lunches and maybe even remember to have snacks and hopefully that won't be an issue. But I think it will be hard at first, just til my stomach gets the idea that it is NOT the boss of me. We don't have dessert any more though, I thought that was a good start, and it has been 10 weeks since we started our "no chocolate" buzz. I think Stef and I have done pretty well on that part!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day Three of 30 minute run-walk programme - Rest Day

Am I going to look like this? Complete with the fake boobies?
So today is day 3, and is scheduled as a rest day ie no running today. So the only exercise that I did was walk with pram to the shops and back... A little lazy perhaps but oh well.

I have also started using my dads Ab Circle Pro machine. As super cheesey as the ads are, it actually does feel as though it is working! So will continue to use it until I lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks... OR my money BACK!!! Ok so I never paid for it, so I won't get money back anyway. But 4ish kg in 2 weeks by doing only 3 minutes on the Ab Circle Pro probably is a little too much to ask for.. But with running in there as well? I guess we shall see..

Monday, August 9, 2010

Day Two of 30 minute walk-run programme and todays' weigh in

Completed todays' walk-run. Had to do it on the treadmill with a baby watching me. Not as fun as out on the streets but at least I did it!
Was harder than out in the real world, even though I only did what the programme asked, 20 minutes total, whereas yesterday I did 37 minutes total. Guess that is because it was inside with not much inspiration :)

Had my weigh in today, 90.2kg, so 300g down from last Wednesday. I'm happy! I've only just started the walk-running so I would hope the weight loss should continue. Hoping to lose 10kg. I have lots more than that to lose though!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Day One of 30 minute run-walk plan

So today I went out at about 5pm to attempt my first run-walk on the plan I am using.

You are meant to do a 5 minute warm up, then run 1 minute, walk one minute for the next 10 minutes, then a 5 minute cool down walk. If I was to follow this exactly, my running would start on a big fat hill. So I am going to do 10 minute warm up instead! Going by the guidelines, the first 2 days are only 20 minutes in total, but the course I am doing this walk on from my house took me 37min 50 seconds, so will work on that, just means longer warm up and cool down but still the same amount of run-walking as per the programme.

So a good start I think. Hopefully the weight loss increases with making distances shorter but incorporating a little running into it.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

So now I'm all inspired to carry on with my weight loss

As much as it was getting me down while training for my walk that I wasn't losing weight, now that I have finished that and am going to start a little bit of running in my walks, I am all excited about the prospect of losing some weight. Provided my shin splints don't come back to haunt me, I usually lose weight quite fast when running.

It is a very scary thought though. all 90.5kg of me running and bouncing and wobbling all over the damn place. But I know I will lose weight much faster for running.

I have been wanting to rejoin my old gym again. They gave me a really good price on a membership, I was all set to go, then I got sick and we got lots of urgent bills, so it is on hold, but the thought of a couple of hours a week "Me Time" is very appealing.

So tonight while hubby plays on his xbox with a very over enthusiastic british kid online, his squeals and chatter coming loud and clear over hubbys' headphones, I have been looking on a site that showed a few fast food items and how much exercise you would have to do to work it off. It's quite depressing really.

Burger King Original Whopper With Cheese (770 calories)
94 minutes of swimming (slow to moderate laps). 

Wendy's Large French Fries (540 calories)
77 minutes of biking (10-11.9 mph).

Pizza Hut Large Cheese Pizza (1 slice; 320 calories) *** ( One piece??? Who the hell are they kidding???)***
39 minutes of swimming (slow to moderate laps).

So it makes you think. Normally I'd have the large fries, a burger and a drink. Not JUST the large fries OR a burger... 

As hubby was sucking on a chupa chup while I was looking at this, he wanted to know how many calories in a chupa chup vs a Big Mac. We have now established that there are approx 50calories in a chupa chup and just over 400 cal EACH for a large Mcdonalds Fries and a Big Mac. So you can eat about 17 chupa chups or one Big Mac and Fries... Personally, I'd still go for the Maccas, my mouth would get sore with all those lollipops! 

Have a good weekend :)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I can now proudly say I have completed walking a half marathon!

Well, I did it! I walked my first half marathon!!
On Sunday morning I was up bright and early and set off on my big walk. It was cloudy and foggy but it didn't actually rain until the last 3km and by then it was kind of welcome.

I originally had hoped to complete it in under 3.5 hours, but with everything that happened in the last few weeks I was feeling pretty unprepared so changed this goal to wanting to just finish, but hoping I finished in under 4 hours. Well, I did! I did it in 3 hours 53 minutes. I was one of the last few people through but I WASN"T LAST and I finished and I    am so proud.

So my new goal is running related (and thank you Anna for that link, it will help with this goal), have drawn up a plan for run-walking building up to 30 minutes in 3 weeks, starting with running one minute, walking one minute and so on. Here's hoping it works!! Giving myself a few days off first though so my muscles come right!!

Am waiting for the website to upload all the pictures of the event, I had my photo taken soooo many times! In the mean time here are a couple that hubby took before hand, and ones I took in the car of parts of the course.