Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Should be exercising right now...

So I really should get off the couch and hop on the treadmill! It's so cold in Tauranga this morning. I have heaps of house work to do and should be getting in some exercise, but it's really cold, the heater is on, Biggest Loser on TV and baby is sleeping... Think I will just stay on the couch!

Have had issues with baby sleeping the last few days/nights and so am really tired and not feeling so inspired to exercise, need to sort that out! Treadmill is starting to get dusty again, but I have at least been using the Ab Circle Pro regularly. Not sure that I am going to lose 4kg in 10 days like they promise, but I can feel it working!!

I've been chatting to a friend who has lost a lot of weight post pregnancy (40 odd kg!) and is down to the last 5kg, swapping stories on tips etc, it is inspiring to have someone who has been in the same boat and succeeded.

I am quite enjoying the episode of Biggest Loser today. A bit cheesy but it's got some "Commando" guy on it, teaching them to push through barriers and the "I can'ts" that come with being lazy and overweight. Willpower! That's what I need a bit more of :) I am definitely looking forward to being able to afford to go back to the gym. Not that you need a gym to lose weight, but it does help to have somewhere to show up to!!

Enough rambling. Hope everyone has a great day.

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