Saturday, August 7, 2010

So now I'm all inspired to carry on with my weight loss

As much as it was getting me down while training for my walk that I wasn't losing weight, now that I have finished that and am going to start a little bit of running in my walks, I am all excited about the prospect of losing some weight. Provided my shin splints don't come back to haunt me, I usually lose weight quite fast when running.

It is a very scary thought though. all 90.5kg of me running and bouncing and wobbling all over the damn place. But I know I will lose weight much faster for running.

I have been wanting to rejoin my old gym again. They gave me a really good price on a membership, I was all set to go, then I got sick and we got lots of urgent bills, so it is on hold, but the thought of a couple of hours a week "Me Time" is very appealing.

So tonight while hubby plays on his xbox with a very over enthusiastic british kid online, his squeals and chatter coming loud and clear over hubbys' headphones, I have been looking on a site that showed a few fast food items and how much exercise you would have to do to work it off. It's quite depressing really.

Burger King Original Whopper With Cheese (770 calories)
94 minutes of swimming (slow to moderate laps). 

Wendy's Large French Fries (540 calories)
77 minutes of biking (10-11.9 mph).

Pizza Hut Large Cheese Pizza (1 slice; 320 calories) *** ( One piece??? Who the hell are they kidding???)***
39 minutes of swimming (slow to moderate laps).

So it makes you think. Normally I'd have the large fries, a burger and a drink. Not JUST the large fries OR a burger... 

As hubby was sucking on a chupa chup while I was looking at this, he wanted to know how many calories in a chupa chup vs a Big Mac. We have now established that there are approx 50calories in a chupa chup and just over 400 cal EACH for a large Mcdonalds Fries and a Big Mac. So you can eat about 17 chupa chups or one Big Mac and Fries... Personally, I'd still go for the Maccas, my mouth would get sore with all those lollipops! 

Have a good weekend :)

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