Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I can now proudly say I have completed walking a half marathon!

Well, I did it! I walked my first half marathon!!
On Sunday morning I was up bright and early and set off on my big walk. It was cloudy and foggy but it didn't actually rain until the last 3km and by then it was kind of welcome.

I originally had hoped to complete it in under 3.5 hours, but with everything that happened in the last few weeks I was feeling pretty unprepared so changed this goal to wanting to just finish, but hoping I finished in under 4 hours. Well, I did! I did it in 3 hours 53 minutes. I was one of the last few people through but I WASN"T LAST and I finished and I    am so proud.

So my new goal is running related (and thank you Anna for that link, it will help with this goal), have drawn up a plan for run-walking building up to 30 minutes in 3 weeks, starting with running one minute, walking one minute and so on. Here's hoping it works!! Giving myself a few days off first though so my muscles come right!!

Am waiting for the website to upload all the pictures of the event, I had my photo taken soooo many times! In the mean time here are a couple that hubby took before hand, and ones I took in the car of parts of the course.

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  1. Yay that is so WICKED!! You are a legend! :) Good luck with the running program, I found myself WANTING to do the next day, I really enjoyed it :) I am entering into the City to Surf in September, am entering into the running section as you can run AND walk, just incase I get bursts of energy! haha :) Anna x


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