Monday, August 23, 2010

Weigh to go...

So I weighed in this morning. Wasn't expecting great things as I had a sick husband all last week and so was playing nursey and not getting out exercising and our diet was none so good. I gained .5kg which I guess in the end isn't sooo bad. Had a big carby dinner tonight of lasagne and gateau but it was my brothers birthday so kind of justified myself there, and I didn't have seconds, just one of each :)
So back onto it again tomorrow. And I have made myself a promise to start using the treadmill on the days that I use the weather as an excuse!

On a slightly different note, with all these friends doing big spring cleans and clearing out junk they no longer need, I really need to get on to this myself. We barely have room in our house for myself, hubby and baby, let alone baby #2 so need to have a clear out and stop being such a hoarder. I think I will just tackle one area (maybe even one cupboard/draw) per day. Will end badly otherwise!


  1. Oooo pretty new background. Spring cleaning is fun, especially when you get lots of monies for selling the junk!

  2. Only prob is, now I have run out of credit on Trade Me so need to add money to it so I can sell more!


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