Thursday, August 19, 2010

1.3kg Down... Too many to mention to go!

Just realised I didn't update on here on Monday when I weighed in. I had lost another 1kg so that is 1.3kg in 2 weeks but about 4kg in about 8weeks (I stopped weighing myself for awhile but that was at the last check) so I would like to get down to 80kg if at all possible (another 9.5kg). Ok it is possible, but I would like to do it before getting up the duff again. So soon would be nice.

Have been playing nursey mummy to my uber sick husband who has been home all week. Thankfully he is due to go back to work tomorrow and so I might be able to get back into some kind of routine... Like walk-running programme and ab-circle pro-ing.

Am going out for a buffet lunch on Saturday with the girls, am sure that will be a complete diet blow out so I should make sure I am good leading up to and after it.

Will check in here again over the weekend or on Monday when I have the next weigh in.

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