Monday, May 31, 2010

Week 8 weigh in

He he I'm getting pretty damn slack at updating this page now huh?

Last week I actually lost weight for the first time in 3 weeks, a whole 1KG.. woop de woop. Ok actually I was really pleased with it after having gained/stayed the same for so long.

Weighed in this morning though and I have stayed the same again.. Although I shouldn't complain too much, ate a shi*load of rubbish over the weekend and only got out for 3 walks last week. One was 10km though which was good.

I complain about a lack of weight loss but don't really know what I am whingeing about. The block of chocolate I just cracked open will make that all better.... Ok so it won't help me lose weight in any sense of the word, but I temporarily felt better at least... I even have some melted chocolate on my cleavage.. I'm all class, I tell ya!!!

So as you can see, the good eating has disappeared over the last week or so, but along with the chocolate I bought at the supermarket I also bought lots of fresh vegetables and fruit and some nice meat. And I really won't eat all of the chocolate tonight! Actually after a couple of lines of it I feel REALLY sick, so that is more than enough for one night.

Hoping for some fine weather tomorrow so I can get out there and do another decent length walk..  Really starting to feel a little concern for the fact that the half marathon is 8 weeks away and I'm only up to 10km (11km tomorrow hopefully), in theory this is plenty of time, but I have to contend with rubbish weather, a teething baby and an upcoming surgery on my wrist which hopefully shouldn't put me out too much. A couple of mates told me in the weekend they will do the event with me, with no training. Made me feel a bit stink really, as I have been training so hard to get as far as I have. I guess though, they don't weigh 90odd KG so don't have all of that extra weight to contend with.

Hope everyone is having a good week so far, feel free to comment on here. Even if there is only 6 people following me, its still nice to know people want to read what is happening. And I am now up to 50 "fans" on my facebook page!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Week 6 Weigh In

So my results were so bad lately, I haven't even bothered checking in here!
Had a week of no change at all, even though I did lots of walking, then last week I fell over and hurt myself reasonably badly, which took a few days to come right, and was also so busy I didn't have time to get out and walk anyway. Weather has been rubbish too, which if it was just me walking it wouldn't have mattered but not really fair on an 8 month old baby to make him sit in his pram for 2 hours in the rain and wind!!

So being that its been 6 weeks now, I should be doing some more photos, but seeing as I started at 92.7kg, went down to 89, up and down some more and now am about 91.5kg, I really don't see the point!! My pants are definitely looser still, but same old story, can't help but look at the scales (or wii fit board in my case)

There is still 11 weeks til the half marathon, so in theory plenty of time to go from 10km to 21km, if I carry on as I was, but still starting to freak out a little. Went for a good walk yesterday over the Mount Harbour Bridge, back again and then into town (from Sulphur Point) but ankle got a bit sore and so had to stop half way for awhile.

Anyway, I know I will get there weight loss wise eventually, its just much slower than I thought it would be!!! Planning a big walk (10kmish) on Thursday, and maybe try to get to Zumba class on Saturday too.

Hope everyone is having a good week, looks like we are about to get more Thunderstorms this afternoon.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Week 4 weigh in

I did weigh in this week, but felt so diasappointed with the result that I didn't even post on here!
Over it now though. Id gained weight and was back up to 90.5kg again :( Still less than where I started a month ago, but I wanted better results.

Anyway I've moved on and this week besides a couple of smaller walks, I have done an 8km walk (Tuesday) and today a 9km walk. So I am well on my way. I have 12 weeks til the big day, so as long as I continue to add 1km a week, I should be ok. Just gotta stick with it!!!

I have to admit, even though I have gone from barely making it 4km to walking 9km and feeling like I could have carried on, the prospect of walking 21km is more than a little daunting now that I am actually entered into it!. So am trying not to worry about it and instead I am just focussing on increasing my distance by 1km a week and working on getting faster. Todays walk took me 2 hours, with a pram. So definitely need to work on speeding up, and also getting in some walks without a pram, as it is a whole different kind of walking style when not pushing a pram :)

Have resisted the urge to re weigh myself this week. I was disappointed but I'm hoping by leaving it a week like I am meant to and getting in lots of walks in the mean time, next weeks results will be much better!