Monday, May 31, 2010

Week 8 weigh in

He he I'm getting pretty damn slack at updating this page now huh?

Last week I actually lost weight for the first time in 3 weeks, a whole 1KG.. woop de woop. Ok actually I was really pleased with it after having gained/stayed the same for so long.

Weighed in this morning though and I have stayed the same again.. Although I shouldn't complain too much, ate a shi*load of rubbish over the weekend and only got out for 3 walks last week. One was 10km though which was good.

I complain about a lack of weight loss but don't really know what I am whingeing about. The block of chocolate I just cracked open will make that all better.... Ok so it won't help me lose weight in any sense of the word, but I temporarily felt better at least... I even have some melted chocolate on my cleavage.. I'm all class, I tell ya!!!

So as you can see, the good eating has disappeared over the last week or so, but along with the chocolate I bought at the supermarket I also bought lots of fresh vegetables and fruit and some nice meat. And I really won't eat all of the chocolate tonight! Actually after a couple of lines of it I feel REALLY sick, so that is more than enough for one night.

Hoping for some fine weather tomorrow so I can get out there and do another decent length walk..  Really starting to feel a little concern for the fact that the half marathon is 8 weeks away and I'm only up to 10km (11km tomorrow hopefully), in theory this is plenty of time, but I have to contend with rubbish weather, a teething baby and an upcoming surgery on my wrist which hopefully shouldn't put me out too much. A couple of mates told me in the weekend they will do the event with me, with no training. Made me feel a bit stink really, as I have been training so hard to get as far as I have. I guess though, they don't weigh 90odd KG so don't have all of that extra weight to contend with.

Hope everyone is having a good week so far, feel free to comment on here. Even if there is only 6 people following me, its still nice to know people want to read what is happening. And I am now up to 50 "fans" on my facebook page!!

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  1. Good on ya on lossing 1kg Nikki. I'm follwing you on your blog and just wanted to let you know that I won't be joining you on the half marathon, as I too would need to train, so i hope that makes you feel better (rather than running it with no training and makin u feel a bit stink) :) - Steph


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