Thursday, May 6, 2010

Week 4 weigh in

I did weigh in this week, but felt so diasappointed with the result that I didn't even post on here!
Over it now though. Id gained weight and was back up to 90.5kg again :( Still less than where I started a month ago, but I wanted better results.

Anyway I've moved on and this week besides a couple of smaller walks, I have done an 8km walk (Tuesday) and today a 9km walk. So I am well on my way. I have 12 weeks til the big day, so as long as I continue to add 1km a week, I should be ok. Just gotta stick with it!!!

I have to admit, even though I have gone from barely making it 4km to walking 9km and feeling like I could have carried on, the prospect of walking 21km is more than a little daunting now that I am actually entered into it!. So am trying not to worry about it and instead I am just focussing on increasing my distance by 1km a week and working on getting faster. Todays walk took me 2 hours, with a pram. So definitely need to work on speeding up, and also getting in some walks without a pram, as it is a whole different kind of walking style when not pushing a pram :)

Have resisted the urge to re weigh myself this week. I was disappointed but I'm hoping by leaving it a week like I am meant to and getting in lots of walks in the mean time, next weeks results will be much better!


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