Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Week 6 Weigh In

So my results were so bad lately, I haven't even bothered checking in here!
Had a week of no change at all, even though I did lots of walking, then last week I fell over and hurt myself reasonably badly, which took a few days to come right, and was also so busy I didn't have time to get out and walk anyway. Weather has been rubbish too, which if it was just me walking it wouldn't have mattered but not really fair on an 8 month old baby to make him sit in his pram for 2 hours in the rain and wind!!

So being that its been 6 weeks now, I should be doing some more photos, but seeing as I started at 92.7kg, went down to 89, up and down some more and now am about 91.5kg, I really don't see the point!! My pants are definitely looser still, but same old story, can't help but look at the scales (or wii fit board in my case)

There is still 11 weeks til the half marathon, so in theory plenty of time to go from 10km to 21km, if I carry on as I was, but still starting to freak out a little. Went for a good walk yesterday over the Mount Harbour Bridge, back again and then into town (from Sulphur Point) but ankle got a bit sore and so had to stop half way for awhile.

Anyway, I know I will get there weight loss wise eventually, its just much slower than I thought it would be!!! Planning a big walk (10kmish) on Thursday, and maybe try to get to Zumba class on Saturday too.

Hope everyone is having a good week, looks like we are about to get more Thunderstorms this afternoon.

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