Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A few diet changes - Starting with Breakfast

Good Morning Bloggy Land!
So with emotional eating a very big part of my weight loss issues, (see that post here), I need to keep on top of not succumbing to the allure of chocolate, ice cream, sausage rolls, pies (I like pies),  biscuits and the list goes on, when I have a bad day.
One of the many upsides of being a stay at home mum is that I am at home. When I was working, it was so easy to walk down the road to the lunch bar (when I worked as an Account Manager for Telecom) and buy a Double Happy (those giant sausage rolls with mashed potato and cheese in them), and a coke and some chocolate... just for a snack. Or when I was at Trustpower, the Vending Machines were just a hallway away.
Ah yes. The sausage roll. In all her fatty, greasy goodness.
And even before the wee princess was born, just going out with 1 kid was so much easier and quicker, I could pop up the road to BK or the Supermarket. A toddler and a baby takes a lot more organising and generally, the inconvenience outweighs the very short termed feeling of eating that naughty but so tasty food.

But I digress.

So, when you are at home most of the time, Emotional Eating only "works" if you have the food in the pantry. So if I can go to the Supermarket with a full belly and in a good state of mind, I generally come home with a lot less rubbish food.

So the first meal of the day I wanted to change, is, well, the first meal of the day. Breakfast. Here are the changes thus far:
Milo from "Heroes". Not actually the Milo I was googling,
but he will do.

Normally 3 pieces of toast, with peanut butter and jam, and a very milo-ey milo with 1 sugar.
For the last couple of weeks I changed that to still 3 pieces of toast, but with honey or marmite, and still the milo, though with less milo, and occasionally a green tea instead.
Ah. Yes. That Milo.
From today I have removed one piece of toast and replaced it with a low fat yoghurt, and kept the green tea with the intention of today getting another kind of herbal tea for some variety, but keeping milo out of the morning meal. I will also alternate between toast and porridge now that the mornings are a bit cooler.
Green tea always makes me feel so healthy and virtuous. Less inclined to eat naughty food. Can only be a good thing!

So that's the first meal attacked successfully. Next I will attack lunch, where there is currently far too much bread being consumed!!

Talk again soon!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Oopsie, hello again

Oops forgot to weigh in the last couple of weeks. Well, I did remember, but it was a day or two later and the result was crap so I didn't bother.

Remembered to weigh on on Saturday at least, and am down a whole 100g from 2 weeks ago. Down is good, down further would be better.


I have a confession.

Diet hasn't been that great in general lately, but yesterday I had a HUGE blowout. So I can't feel sorry for myself for A. not losing more weight, or B. feeling like rubbish and having my oesophagael (no idea how to spell it) spasm back (read - really painful indigestion/heartburn that keeps me up all night and goes across the left side of my chest) its been gone for a really long time, long enough that I binned my medication I have for it as hadn't needed it in so long. So am eating better from now on, I promise!!!

We have a bit of family stuff on this week coming but after that hubby and I have decided to encourage each other with a bit of a 12 week challenge. Mostly on the diet front but we are both making a big effort to exercise more too.

So if there is 31 weeks until my 30th birthday, and I wanted to lose 15kg from when I was 90kg (A whole 400g ago) I have to lose 470g a week to get there. I would like to think that is quite achievable but the evil monster in my head is telling me "yeah, yeah, you've set this goal a hundred times, you never stick with it"

Evil little monster.

But I am starting training for a couple of "fun" runs, in August and September, once my previously broken, now just very sore, big toe sorts itself out again. For now it is just walking. So that really does have to help with weight loss.
I know it says 2011, they aren't advertising this years one yet.

Am I nuts to think this looks like fun?

Diet is the big thing though. The very big thing.

Right, I have decided I want to be honest with you. This is what I ate yesterday in my junk food binge. Judge away, I'm already judging myself!!

Honey on toast (3 pieces) and a milo
Butter chicken and rice with a naan and a pepsi max
Chips and a diet lemonade while playing poker with friends
Fish n chips and a diet lemonade
Big bowl of icecream
A few mini chocolate fish.

Why do YOU think I feel like ARSE??? I have a fair idea.

Wish me luck!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Review - Classic Flyers, Mount Maunganui

Posted by The Spy

We recently purchased tickets to go to Classic Flyers at Mount Maunganui, via a deal on "Grab One". The deal was 2 adults entry into the museum, as well as 2 breakfast/lunch meals and 2 small drinks.
It was a grotty blah day when we got up this morning, and we had bribed our 2 year old that if he slept through the night last night, and didn't get mummy or daddy up, he would go on a special adventure today. He loves planes, so this was somewhere we have been dying to take him.
I had it on good authority that it was an ok place to go in the rain as it is pretty much all undercover, so we chucked our 8 week old into the front pack and away we went.
When we got there, the cafe was absolutely packed! We wandered past them all and went into the museum. As we entered the lady on the counter said as it is raining and they can't display their outdoor exhibits properly, we were welcome to keep our receipt and come back another day to have another look as well. Great news!!!
I'm not a huge plane/military etc fan personally, but even I thoroughly enjoyed having a look around. There was so much to see, and there is plenty of planes that you can actually get in to and imagine you are a pilot or in the war etc. They even had little ride on planes for the littlies to play in, which went down a huge treat.
Awesome "Fluffies!"
After walking around the hangar a couple of times, it was off to the cafe. If I'm honest, if we didn't have the voucher, I'm not sure we would have purchased any food as it was a bit more expensive than our 1 income family can afford, however that said, when we got our Bacon and Eggs, hot drinks and a side of fries and a fluffy, we were completely satisfied at our selections. Excellent food, the hot chocolate and mochacino and our little man's "Fluffy" were excellent, and all staff we dealt with were very friendly and welcoming.
Yum! Tasty Hot Chocolate
If you live in Tauranga or are visiting some time, I would highly recommend a visit, it was a unique place to go, the service was great and food was excellent. All in all a great outing!!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Weigh in Day - Success!

Looking back towards town from under the bridge
Happy Friday Everyone!!

Well I weighed in today and was very pleased with the result.

Down to 89.7kg! So a loss of 300g but also lighter than I have been in way over a year (including pregnant time, but still)
View from under the Harbour Bridge where we ended up
on our walk.

So since the first day I weighed in, I have now lost 6.3kg, with a couple of weeks of going back up again. I have also been having recurring "tummy" issues since having Amber, which is not helping with the weight loss. This appears to be coming right finally so that should help speed things up. Sorry if you didn't need to know that, but I'm all about the sharing!
Mr Grumpy Pants eating his morning tea
and not impressed at being in the pram!

Pram tyres are all pumped up now, so got in a nice big proper walk earlier this week with a friend, and am planning on going for another this afternoon if both my kids cheer up a bit!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Another Crafty Project...

So I made this tutu awhile ago (for Xmas) but with holidays, babies being born etc, took awhile to get some pictures. But here you go...

The happy model. You'd never know she was
not keen to go outside and pose!

Am planning to start on Ambers tiny tutus this weekend. Am thinking a purple one and... not sure. Maybe a girly pink one GASP!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Taking time to enjoy the Newborn phase, and other things I've learnt.

A couple of things I have noticed in the last 8 weeks since having baby #2:

You really do take more time to enjoy your 2nd (and, I assume, any subsequent kids after #2) than you do with your first. I'm sure many a mama will agree that with your first, it's all about hitting the next milestone, rushing through the development and worrying about every little thing or spot that they may develop. Then, one day they aren't newborns any more, it all rushed by in the haze of sleeplessness and fretting the little stuff.
This time around, we almost feel like bad parents, things that had us worrying and asking for advice every 2 seconds last time, well this time it's more a case of "meh, it's fine" "ahhh hormone spots again" and on it goes. It's not that you don't care the 2nd time around, but you remember from last time that kids get hot at random times, they might sometimes sleep so deeply after a long day that they are really hard to wake, hormone spots are FINE, feeding non stop for 48 hours is ok and they have regular growth spurts.
All this stuff had us worried last time, but this time we knew to expect it so I guess we aren't sweating the small stuff. I must admit that having her get really cranky every night when I sit down to eat my dinner, that still bugs me!
Cute brother and sister pic...
The 2 year old forgot to hold his sister upright.....
I just want to mention that NO she did not fall over.
I was right in front of her and she just slid off his knee onto the couch.
Kids adapt. We stressed, as would any soon to be parent of 2, that Dex would be so traumatised at not having all our attention, and having this new little person around, that it would be upsetting for him. He is the most loving, affectionate big brother. He has his moments where he's a bit rough, but generally it's when he's trying to give her cuddles, he nearly suffocates her with his hugs! His sleeping routine went a bit awol for awhile there, but he seems to have gotten over it, realised Amber is here to stay and that is that.

Last but not least, there is always enough love to go around. I was so worried that after spending 2 and a bit years with Dexter as our one and only, how could we love another kid as much and give both the same attention? You can. Always. I actually heard (on that "all grown up" version of Rugrats, of all places) that the walls of your heart expand when there is another person to love, so that there is always room for more love. Was something like that anyway, but it's very true.

I've learnt so much more, but I was just thinking about all this today, as at 8 weeks, Amber is already out of Newborn nappies and newborn clothes, it's all just going far too fast, and it makes me sad to think that this is likely our last child and the newborn phase has gone so fast. I'm just glad we took more time to relax and enjoy it this time.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Weigh in Day - And the scales start to head downwards again...


Back down 500g this week to 90kg exactly. Pretty happy with that. Only got in one walk this week (my first decent one since Amber was born), would have been a couple of Kms, not sure exactly how far, but it was pushing a double pram with almost flat tyres on mostly gravel, so was fairly heavy work.

Needless to say, I was EXHAUSTED after!!

Anyway, happy with this weeks result, now to carry on with the scales going down (much further!!)

Have a great weekend~!