Friday, March 9, 2012

Weigh in Day - Success!

Looking back towards town from under the bridge
Happy Friday Everyone!!

Well I weighed in today and was very pleased with the result.

Down to 89.7kg! So a loss of 300g but also lighter than I have been in way over a year (including pregnant time, but still)
View from under the Harbour Bridge where we ended up
on our walk.

So since the first day I weighed in, I have now lost 6.3kg, with a couple of weeks of going back up again. I have also been having recurring "tummy" issues since having Amber, which is not helping with the weight loss. This appears to be coming right finally so that should help speed things up. Sorry if you didn't need to know that, but I'm all about the sharing!
Mr Grumpy Pants eating his morning tea
and not impressed at being in the pram!

Pram tyres are all pumped up now, so got in a nice big proper walk earlier this week with a friend, and am planning on going for another this afternoon if both my kids cheer up a bit!

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  1. 300g is a slow and steady success, well done you. I have achieved 200g this week, would have liked more but hey, a loss is a loss so not complaining.


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