Sunday, March 25, 2012

Oopsie, hello again

Oops forgot to weigh in the last couple of weeks. Well, I did remember, but it was a day or two later and the result was crap so I didn't bother.

Remembered to weigh on on Saturday at least, and am down a whole 100g from 2 weeks ago. Down is good, down further would be better.


I have a confession.

Diet hasn't been that great in general lately, but yesterday I had a HUGE blowout. So I can't feel sorry for myself for A. not losing more weight, or B. feeling like rubbish and having my oesophagael (no idea how to spell it) spasm back (read - really painful indigestion/heartburn that keeps me up all night and goes across the left side of my chest) its been gone for a really long time, long enough that I binned my medication I have for it as hadn't needed it in so long. So am eating better from now on, I promise!!!

We have a bit of family stuff on this week coming but after that hubby and I have decided to encourage each other with a bit of a 12 week challenge. Mostly on the diet front but we are both making a big effort to exercise more too.

So if there is 31 weeks until my 30th birthday, and I wanted to lose 15kg from when I was 90kg (A whole 400g ago) I have to lose 470g a week to get there. I would like to think that is quite achievable but the evil monster in my head is telling me "yeah, yeah, you've set this goal a hundred times, you never stick with it"

Evil little monster.

But I am starting training for a couple of "fun" runs, in August and September, once my previously broken, now just very sore, big toe sorts itself out again. For now it is just walking. So that really does have to help with weight loss.
I know it says 2011, they aren't advertising this years one yet.

Am I nuts to think this looks like fun?

Diet is the big thing though. The very big thing.

Right, I have decided I want to be honest with you. This is what I ate yesterday in my junk food binge. Judge away, I'm already judging myself!!

Honey on toast (3 pieces) and a milo
Butter chicken and rice with a naan and a pepsi max
Chips and a diet lemonade while playing poker with friends
Fish n chips and a diet lemonade
Big bowl of icecream
A few mini chocolate fish.

Why do YOU think I feel like ARSE??? I have a fair idea.

Wish me luck!

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  1. that's not too bad a junk food binge really, I've done way worse myself as I'm sure a lot of others have. Luckily we always have tomorrow to start again. I'm doing Body Trim, just finished my 3 day detox and feel awesome, tomorrow I start the weightloss phase and once I'm down 50kgs I'll be into the weight maintenance phase. Good luck :) stay strong.


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