Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A few diet changes - Starting with Breakfast

Good Morning Bloggy Land!
So with emotional eating a very big part of my weight loss issues, (see that post here), I need to keep on top of not succumbing to the allure of chocolate, ice cream, sausage rolls, pies (I like pies),  biscuits and the list goes on, when I have a bad day.
One of the many upsides of being a stay at home mum is that I am at home. When I was working, it was so easy to walk down the road to the lunch bar (when I worked as an Account Manager for Telecom) and buy a Double Happy (those giant sausage rolls with mashed potato and cheese in them), and a coke and some chocolate... just for a snack. Or when I was at Trustpower, the Vending Machines were just a hallway away.
Ah yes. The sausage roll. In all her fatty, greasy goodness.
And even before the wee princess was born, just going out with 1 kid was so much easier and quicker, I could pop up the road to BK or the Supermarket. A toddler and a baby takes a lot more organising and generally, the inconvenience outweighs the very short termed feeling of eating that naughty but so tasty food.

But I digress.

So, when you are at home most of the time, Emotional Eating only "works" if you have the food in the pantry. So if I can go to the Supermarket with a full belly and in a good state of mind, I generally come home with a lot less rubbish food.

So the first meal of the day I wanted to change, is, well, the first meal of the day. Breakfast. Here are the changes thus far:
Milo from "Heroes". Not actually the Milo I was googling,
but he will do.

Normally 3 pieces of toast, with peanut butter and jam, and a very milo-ey milo with 1 sugar.
For the last couple of weeks I changed that to still 3 pieces of toast, but with honey or marmite, and still the milo, though with less milo, and occasionally a green tea instead.
Ah. Yes. That Milo.
From today I have removed one piece of toast and replaced it with a low fat yoghurt, and kept the green tea with the intention of today getting another kind of herbal tea for some variety, but keeping milo out of the morning meal. I will also alternate between toast and porridge now that the mornings are a bit cooler.
Green tea always makes me feel so healthy and virtuous. Less inclined to eat naughty food. Can only be a good thing!

So that's the first meal attacked successfully. Next I will attack lunch, where there is currently far too much bread being consumed!!

Talk again soon!

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  1. Green tea is also good to get the metabolism going too.
    I've recently changed my toast to a one egg mushroom and a tomato omlette, I find it keeps me going for longer in the morning, plus it's cutting back on those carbs that just go to fat becasue I sit on my bum lots :-)


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