Sunday, March 4, 2012

Taking time to enjoy the Newborn phase, and other things I've learnt.

A couple of things I have noticed in the last 8 weeks since having baby #2:

You really do take more time to enjoy your 2nd (and, I assume, any subsequent kids after #2) than you do with your first. I'm sure many a mama will agree that with your first, it's all about hitting the next milestone, rushing through the development and worrying about every little thing or spot that they may develop. Then, one day they aren't newborns any more, it all rushed by in the haze of sleeplessness and fretting the little stuff.
This time around, we almost feel like bad parents, things that had us worrying and asking for advice every 2 seconds last time, well this time it's more a case of "meh, it's fine" "ahhh hormone spots again" and on it goes. It's not that you don't care the 2nd time around, but you remember from last time that kids get hot at random times, they might sometimes sleep so deeply after a long day that they are really hard to wake, hormone spots are FINE, feeding non stop for 48 hours is ok and they have regular growth spurts.
All this stuff had us worried last time, but this time we knew to expect it so I guess we aren't sweating the small stuff. I must admit that having her get really cranky every night when I sit down to eat my dinner, that still bugs me!
Cute brother and sister pic...
The 2 year old forgot to hold his sister upright.....
I just want to mention that NO she did not fall over.
I was right in front of her and she just slid off his knee onto the couch.
Kids adapt. We stressed, as would any soon to be parent of 2, that Dex would be so traumatised at not having all our attention, and having this new little person around, that it would be upsetting for him. He is the most loving, affectionate big brother. He has his moments where he's a bit rough, but generally it's when he's trying to give her cuddles, he nearly suffocates her with his hugs! His sleeping routine went a bit awol for awhile there, but he seems to have gotten over it, realised Amber is here to stay and that is that.

Last but not least, there is always enough love to go around. I was so worried that after spending 2 and a bit years with Dexter as our one and only, how could we love another kid as much and give both the same attention? You can. Always. I actually heard (on that "all grown up" version of Rugrats, of all places) that the walls of your heart expand when there is another person to love, so that there is always room for more love. Was something like that anyway, but it's very true.

I've learnt so much more, but I was just thinking about all this today, as at 8 weeks, Amber is already out of Newborn nappies and newborn clothes, it's all just going far too fast, and it makes me sad to think that this is likely our last child and the newborn phase has gone so fast. I'm just glad we took more time to relax and enjoy it this time.

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