Friday, February 24, 2012

Weigh in Day - GRRRR

So baby girl is 6 weeks old this week, and this week, there was NO CHANGE in my weight.


So I am currently still sitting at 90.6kg, same as last week. Even with cutting out fizzy drinks and upping the water in a big way.

My goals for this week, how did I go?

Well, cutting out all fizzy drink was a success, one that I was quite surprised at.

My aim to go for 2 walks this week was a failure, what with grotty weather, who wants to take 2 kids out walking in the rain?

Don't weigh myself every damn day. I came very close, I weighed myself yesterday and was rather disappointed with the result. Sigh.

So, new goals for the week ahead:

Drink 2l water a day. I actually started on this one on Tuesday, I have a favourite glass I drink out of so measured how many glasses I need to drink each day to get to it, and it's 4.5 glasses. Have gotten to 4 each day, so I'm almost there and will carry on with it.

Go for at least 2 walks before next Fridays weigh in day.

Keep fizzy drinks to 2 glasses a day (they are small glasses I usually have), 2 is normal anyway and I only drink diet lemonade, very occasionally diet coke, but it makes baby girl go mental so generally stay away from it.

That's my 3 goals for the week. I have set a long term goal too. After I had Dex, I set a goal to walk a half marathon, which I achieved and it was one of my proudest  moments. This time around I have decided to enter the City 2 Surf run, which should be about September this year. It's 12km long and can enter as a runner or a walker. I think I will enter as a runner and walk-run, unless I end up gaining heaps of fitness and am able to run it properly. But yeah, something I have always wanted to enter and I know I can manage the distance, just need to up it from walking to running!!

Have a great weekend! Hubby and I are on a big house cleaning mission this weekend in the hopes of getting Agents through our house soon and possibly getting it on the Market, so that should keep us busy.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Time to set some non-weight loss goals I think!

You like what I did there? Yeah?

Well last weeks weight loss was an epic FAIL. To be honest I wasn't expecting a great loss, but I didn't expect to pretty much undo the previous 2 weeks efforts.


So, time to set some weekly goals that aren't around kg's.

Hmmmm where to start.
Me, about to start Taupo Half Marathon in 2010
* Go for two walks this week *
I'm not setting any distances or anything, just to get out and GO for two walks. Not expecting it to be that far anyway, tum is still pretty sore, and lower back is even sorer, but getting out and about can only be a good thing.

** No fizzy drinks until Saturday **
I generally only drink diet drinks anyway, but I want to see how I feel and how my tummy feels for getting rid of even the diet fizzies. This will be a tricky one actually, I always have a glass of diet lemonade with my dinner, but I will give this a good nudge anyway.

Now I've done my Personal Trainer course, I've read up large on weight loss over the years, so I know DAMN well that this is not the weigh (hehe) to go. And it messes with your head something shocking. So why do I do it? Aiming to not weigh myself at all again until Friday, which is weigh in day.

So thats my goals for this week. Will add to them as time goes on of course. For now though I have a cranky baby on my chest and a grumpy 2 year old needing some attention, so I better go!

Weigh in Day - Not so successful and a few days late!

Oops. Busy few days. I did weigh in on Friday, much to my disappointment, but forgot to post until this morning.

Up 500g. Booooo. Not happy at all.

Oh well. Better luck this Friday. Have been a lot more active the last few days, and am hoping to take kids for their first walk around the Mount this week, or at least a decent walk somewhere with the flash double pram that I spent months convincing hubby that we HAD to get so I could do lots of walking......

Friday, February 10, 2012

Weigh in Day - Success!

Happy Friday!!
Weigh in day today. I was hoping to get below 90kg. I was above 90 for well over 3 months (probably closer to 6 months) prior to falling pregnant, so hitting this milestone was a biggie.

89.9kg!! So pleased to have passed that one!! Now to keep going strong and hit the 85kg mark.

Went for a bit of a walk yesterday. Was just around town, pushing pram, but haven't even walked that much in months, as pre-birth was far too painful to do much more than the bare minimum. Besides being tired from walking and feeding a month old baby non stop the last few days, I'm feeling pretty good. 
And on that note, I have baby A chewing on my shoulder right now, I think she may want something....

Have a great weekend!

03/02/2012 - Post Pregnancy Weigh In - Scales go down again!


Post Pregnancy Weigh In #2 - 4 weeks - Scales go down again!

Ok so not down all that much, but still, it's down!

Last week I was 90.5kg, as of yesterday morning, I am 90.3kg.

Yes I know, only 200g, but I'm taking whatever I can get!! I have to admit, I did kinda eat A LOT of chocolate in the last week, and some icecream... and Pizza on Monday. All of which is not conducive to great numbers on the scales!!

I think I gave my 200g to my 2 year old, not at all heavy, son. He's gone from 10.6kg to 10.8kg. We are finding it really hard to get any weight on him, but after reducing his dairy a few months back, we have added Soy milk to his diet but kept the limited amount of cows milk still in there. It may just be working!!

I digress.

So there you have it. I know the weight loss had to slow down, and I haven't exactly been very good diet wise and am not up to big walks or anything, so a successful week given all that I think!

Have a great long weekend :)

27/01/2012 - I'm back!! - Weigh in details


I'm back!! - Post Pregnancy Weigh In - 2 weeks.

Hello! So here I am, baby Amber is now 2 weeks and 2 days old.
She's such a little sweetie. Sleeps all the time, wakes for a feed and a change and back to sleepy land. Our wee man, D, who is now 2, wasn't such a sleeper, so we were expecting the same again. We are well aware it can all change overnight so we are enjoying it for as long as it lasts.
So anyway. What is happening in weight loss land? Well, obviously after having a C-section, I won't be up for much exercise of ANY kind for awhile yet, so am just for now concentrating on eating well to give A the best nourishment while looking after myself as well.

So for my whole pregnancy, I gained 6.5kg. In my previous pregnancy I gained over 16kg, so was quite happy with that. 
So here's the stats, since I'm being honest!

Pre-pregnancy = 93.4kg
38 weeks 2 Days Pregnant (Csection Day) = 100.7kg
5 days post pregnancy = 96kg
2 weeks post pregnancy = 90.5kg

**am impressed with how quickly it comes off in the beginning!!**
Height = 163cm

Goal Weight = 65kg long term, but for now am aiming for 85kg and will work my way down in 5kg increments from there.

All I can say is GO THE BREASTFEEDING!!!  Oh and having a baby of course, but she only weighed just under 3.5kg so she wasn't all the weight!!
As I have said before, I am not dieting or going to go crazy over this, it is important that I look after A as well as myself so will be doing this as healthily as I can, and am not about to jump into any crazy diets or exercise routine any time soon. But for now, I will just check in weekly with my weight, Friday Mornings are to be my weigh in day, and once I am up to exercise, will keep a log of what I have been up to there as well.
Feel free to join in and let me know how you are going if you want to!! Love to hear how other people are doing on their weight loss journeys.


30/12/2012 - Hello from a Beached Whale!

**Moved across from my other blog as I have decided there isn't much point doing it seperately when this one was originally for weight loss anyway!**


Hello from a beached whale!

I say this in the most positive way possible! Really I do. It's just insanely hot and muggy and I have a very large belly with a baby girl eager to get out sooner than her scheduled arrival date of 11 January. (12 days by the way, EEEEEK!!)

Nothing much to report, am obviously not doing a whole lot of exercise at this point in time, am being MOSTLY good with my eating. (Gestational Diabetes has that effect on you!) and have still only gained 6kg this time around.

Will touch base prior to baby girls arrival, and stay tuned for more posts next year once I have something more to write about in terms of my weight loss!!

6/12/11 - So this is me. 33 Weeks pregnant and starting a weight loss blog...

** I spent ages setting up a seperate blog for this, but now I really don't know why, may as well keep it on this blog!! So please bear with me while I update and move it all over here.**

Talk about impractical!

I know, I know, it's not the ultimate time to be thinking about weight loss, and I'm really not, I'm just getting this under way so once baby #2 arrives, and it's a safe time to be thinking about getting myself healthy again, this will be here, ready to share with the world the roller coaster that is weight loss.... with a 2 year old and a baby in tow.

I have had a pretty long battle with food and my weight. Have blogged about this on my other page ( in the past, and may re visit it again some time, but for now, lets just say Emotional Eating and me, we're tight. Good buds. (although I think perhaps not such a good bud seeing as I don't really want to remain friends) Something I need to work on and beat those demons.
So baby number one is a baby no more, he turned 2 in September. Baby number two is a girl, and is "coming out the sunroof" on January 11th. So I am hoping by the time I am healed enough to start exercising safely, summer will be coming to an end and it won't be too hot to get into my walking again. August last year, I trained for, and completed a half marathon (walking not running, don't be silly!!) and would love to do another one day, but my first goal is to just get the weight down and get my eating sorted again. Have been pretty good since being pregnant, but that's mainly because I have been a lot sicker this time around.

I have just turned 30, and I began this pregnancy at 93.4kg, the heaviest I have EVER been (besides when heavily pregnant with my boy) ideally I want to get to 65kg. Smaller if it is realistic, but, hell, I will be so happy to get to 65. In all honesty, just getting to 80kg will be a very happy day!!!! Besides a smaller clothes size, I just want to be a better mum. Able to run around and partake in active play with my kids. (Very much a cliche I know, but anyone who has been there knows that it is also very much real)

So I hope you will stick around and egg me on, let me know what you are up to in your own healthy, happy weight loss journey, and maybe we can motivate each other to keep at it.