Friday, February 10, 2012

03/02/2012 - Post Pregnancy Weigh In - Scales go down again!


Post Pregnancy Weigh In #2 - 4 weeks - Scales go down again!

Ok so not down all that much, but still, it's down!

Last week I was 90.5kg, as of yesterday morning, I am 90.3kg.

Yes I know, only 200g, but I'm taking whatever I can get!! I have to admit, I did kinda eat A LOT of chocolate in the last week, and some icecream... and Pizza on Monday. All of which is not conducive to great numbers on the scales!!

I think I gave my 200g to my 2 year old, not at all heavy, son. He's gone from 10.6kg to 10.8kg. We are finding it really hard to get any weight on him, but after reducing his dairy a few months back, we have added Soy milk to his diet but kept the limited amount of cows milk still in there. It may just be working!!

I digress.

So there you have it. I know the weight loss had to slow down, and I haven't exactly been very good diet wise and am not up to big walks or anything, so a successful week given all that I think!

Have a great long weekend :)

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