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27/01/2012 - I'm back!! - Weigh in details


I'm back!! - Post Pregnancy Weigh In - 2 weeks.

Hello! So here I am, baby Amber is now 2 weeks and 2 days old.
She's such a little sweetie. Sleeps all the time, wakes for a feed and a change and back to sleepy land. Our wee man, D, who is now 2, wasn't such a sleeper, so we were expecting the same again. We are well aware it can all change overnight so we are enjoying it for as long as it lasts.
So anyway. What is happening in weight loss land? Well, obviously after having a C-section, I won't be up for much exercise of ANY kind for awhile yet, so am just for now concentrating on eating well to give A the best nourishment while looking after myself as well.

So for my whole pregnancy, I gained 6.5kg. In my previous pregnancy I gained over 16kg, so was quite happy with that. 
So here's the stats, since I'm being honest!

Pre-pregnancy = 93.4kg
38 weeks 2 Days Pregnant (Csection Day) = 100.7kg
5 days post pregnancy = 96kg
2 weeks post pregnancy = 90.5kg

**am impressed with how quickly it comes off in the beginning!!**
Height = 163cm

Goal Weight = 65kg long term, but for now am aiming for 85kg and will work my way down in 5kg increments from there.

All I can say is GO THE BREASTFEEDING!!!  Oh and having a baby of course, but she only weighed just under 3.5kg so she wasn't all the weight!!
As I have said before, I am not dieting or going to go crazy over this, it is important that I look after A as well as myself so will be doing this as healthily as I can, and am not about to jump into any crazy diets or exercise routine any time soon. But for now, I will just check in weekly with my weight, Friday Mornings are to be my weigh in day, and once I am up to exercise, will keep a log of what I have been up to there as well.
Feel free to join in and let me know how you are going if you want to!! Love to hear how other people are doing on their weight loss journeys.


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