Monday, February 20, 2012

Time to set some non-weight loss goals I think!

You like what I did there? Yeah?

Well last weeks weight loss was an epic FAIL. To be honest I wasn't expecting a great loss, but I didn't expect to pretty much undo the previous 2 weeks efforts.


So, time to set some weekly goals that aren't around kg's.

Hmmmm where to start.
Me, about to start Taupo Half Marathon in 2010
* Go for two walks this week *
I'm not setting any distances or anything, just to get out and GO for two walks. Not expecting it to be that far anyway, tum is still pretty sore, and lower back is even sorer, but getting out and about can only be a good thing.

** No fizzy drinks until Saturday **
I generally only drink diet drinks anyway, but I want to see how I feel and how my tummy feels for getting rid of even the diet fizzies. This will be a tricky one actually, I always have a glass of diet lemonade with my dinner, but I will give this a good nudge anyway.

Now I've done my Personal Trainer course, I've read up large on weight loss over the years, so I know DAMN well that this is not the weigh (hehe) to go. And it messes with your head something shocking. So why do I do it? Aiming to not weigh myself at all again until Friday, which is weigh in day.

So thats my goals for this week. Will add to them as time goes on of course. For now though I have a cranky baby on my chest and a grumpy 2 year old needing some attention, so I better go!

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