Friday, February 24, 2012

Weigh in Day - GRRRR

So baby girl is 6 weeks old this week, and this week, there was NO CHANGE in my weight.


So I am currently still sitting at 90.6kg, same as last week. Even with cutting out fizzy drinks and upping the water in a big way.

My goals for this week, how did I go?

Well, cutting out all fizzy drink was a success, one that I was quite surprised at.

My aim to go for 2 walks this week was a failure, what with grotty weather, who wants to take 2 kids out walking in the rain?

Don't weigh myself every damn day. I came very close, I weighed myself yesterday and was rather disappointed with the result. Sigh.

So, new goals for the week ahead:

Drink 2l water a day. I actually started on this one on Tuesday, I have a favourite glass I drink out of so measured how many glasses I need to drink each day to get to it, and it's 4.5 glasses. Have gotten to 4 each day, so I'm almost there and will carry on with it.

Go for at least 2 walks before next Fridays weigh in day.

Keep fizzy drinks to 2 glasses a day (they are small glasses I usually have), 2 is normal anyway and I only drink diet lemonade, very occasionally diet coke, but it makes baby girl go mental so generally stay away from it.

That's my 3 goals for the week. I have set a long term goal too. After I had Dex, I set a goal to walk a half marathon, which I achieved and it was one of my proudest  moments. This time around I have decided to enter the City 2 Surf run, which should be about September this year. It's 12km long and can enter as a runner or a walker. I think I will enter as a runner and walk-run, unless I end up gaining heaps of fitness and am able to run it properly. But yeah, something I have always wanted to enter and I know I can manage the distance, just need to up it from walking to running!!

Have a great weekend! Hubby and I are on a big house cleaning mission this weekend in the hopes of getting Agents through our house soon and possibly getting it on the Market, so that should keep us busy.

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