Friday, February 10, 2012

30/12/2012 - Hello from a Beached Whale!

**Moved across from my other blog as I have decided there isn't much point doing it seperately when this one was originally for weight loss anyway!**


Hello from a beached whale!

I say this in the most positive way possible! Really I do. It's just insanely hot and muggy and I have a very large belly with a baby girl eager to get out sooner than her scheduled arrival date of 11 January. (12 days by the way, EEEEEK!!)

Nothing much to report, am obviously not doing a whole lot of exercise at this point in time, am being MOSTLY good with my eating. (Gestational Diabetes has that effect on you!) and have still only gained 6kg this time around.

Will touch base prior to baby girls arrival, and stay tuned for more posts next year once I have something more to write about in terms of my weight loss!!

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