Friday, April 30, 2010

Sneaky mid-week weigh in

So I've done my Personal Trainer course, I know you aren't meant to weigh yourself too often etc, but yesterday morning I got up and felt I needed cheering up, so weighed myself again. Monday is weigh in day, and seeing as I had gained weight at my last weigh in, this really could have backfired, but nope, I have lost weight!
So as at 3 weeks, 3 days, I have lost 3.2kg!! That takes me from 92.7kg down to 89.5 which I am pretty stoked about!! My pants are definitely looser around my hips, which is a nice feeling!

Managed to stuff my knee yesterday, purely by bending down to talk to my baby, so no walking for a couple of days to let it come right, Its ok long as I don't fully extend or flex it...

Yay for Fridays!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mama can't count!

Today was my 3 year wedding anniversary so should have been a good day but it was a SHITE day!! Lots of things went wrong but putting that aside, high points of today would have to have been taking my 7 month old baby, Dex, for his first swim at the pools, which he absolutely loved! And the other high point is getting in an 8km walk when I left my car intending on only doing about 5-6km! Actually I completely miscalculated and got myself all confused. I got halfway through the walk, was turning around to come back and thought that I had gone 6km already and therefore my walk would be 12km by the time I got back to the car.
Was so proud of myself when I got back to the car, absolutely stuffed but happy I can now manage over half of what I need to do in August.... then I drove it and checked the distance.... It was only 8km :( GUTTED!!!! But still, at least it was more than I had planned to do!

So am pretty tired tonight after a long day, but feel I have at least achieved something. And I can go to sleep happy as I had a huuuge bunch of flowers dropped off to me by my sister in law, my hubby sent her to get me a big bunch of flowers on his behalf as he is out of town. They smell great and are so pretty.

Time for sleep now, good night everyone :O

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Week Three Weigh In

So disappointed. I was so good last week and went for my biggest walk so far (8km) and yet I have GAINED weight! 200g, which I know isn't a huge amount but I really had hoped to lose weight this week. Oh well just means I gotta work a bit harder I supose.
Entries for the Half Marathon have opened now, I think I will enter this week so that I REALLY have to do this, although with the amount of people that I have told about it so far, I wouldn't get off too lightly if I did try to squirm out of it!!
I have been amazed at the amount of people that are interested in my progress, from setting up a Facebook Page I already have 47 people following me, and 5 of those have come across to this page as well, all good motivation for me though, knowing there are people who are going to want to know how I am progressing.

Raining today and has been all night. Was meant to be going for another 8km walk today, but really wouldn't be fair on Dex to stick him in the pram for a couple of hours while I walk. I have a rain cover but still, not much fun. So will see how the weather goes, might go for a shorter walk and hope it fines up tomorrow. I am husbandless until Thursday night so I'm sure I will need something to fill in my time :)

Hope that everyone has a good week

Monday, April 19, 2010

Week Two Weigh In..

So I weighed in this morning, since last Monday I have lost another 1.3kg! Considering that I lost that in the first few days of the last week and then ate lots of rubbish and didn't walk as much for the last 4 days of the week, I am really glad I lost even this much!!!
This far, after 2 weeks exactly, I have lost 2.5 kg, so pretty happy with my progress!

Had a very rubbish weekend in some ways. Dex was really unhappy and screamed for a good part of our weekend away, so I had not alot of sleep and so didn't want to eat healthy food. It comes back to the same old story, you feel down, so you eat badly, which makes you feel guilty, so you feel down. Such a nasty circle :(

Still not feeling any better today, but have eaten healthier food, although I had eggs on toast for breakfast at 7.30am and then forgot to eat until 4.30pm when I had a roast beef sandwich! And I wondered why I felt so shaky and airy fairy.

Back on track tomorrow though, going to go for a big walk, get my thoughts in order, and make sure I increase my distance to 6.5km by the end of this week!!! Entries still haven't opened to the half marathon I want to enter as a walker, but that doesn't change the fact I need to keep training for it if I want any show of finishing!!!!

Hope everyone reading this has a great week :)

Monday, April 12, 2010

This weeks weigh in - Week One

So I just weighed in for the week. I wasn't expecting great things at all considering my less than fantastic start to all of this. But I've lost 1.2kg! Imagine what would have happened if I had worked as hard as I planned and eaten better!!

I have picked an event to work towards. Actually 2 events...

The Taupo Half Marathon and Taupo Off Road Marathon!! I will enter both as a walker and the first isn't until August 1st so plenty of time to improve on my current 5km walks!!! Entries haven't even opened yet but I'm gonna get in there as soon as they do open.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Back again

Sooooo its been a few days. Been for a couple of walks and was being really really good! Then last night I was feeling a bit down about things and was home alone. So what did I do? I got pizza and a garlic bread. Not that I ate all of either, but a pretty damn good amount!!
Feeling pretty crappy today but it was good while I was eating it!. Am husbandless for most of this week so I think I might go out and buy heaps of fresh vegies, some nice meat and be REALLY good this week and see how different I feel. Am hoping that I feel so much better that I don't feel so inclined to slip back into my current habits...

Weigh in day tomorrow.Can't see it being too positive but will make sure that I go for a walk today

Monday, April 5, 2010

Day 1

EEEEKKK 92.7kg!!!
Ok so it was just Easter (and I do have lots of chocolate left over) but still... Besides when I was pregnant I have never been over 90kg.
So todays mission is to get my lazy butt outside and go for a walk.
Considering how many times I have tried to lose weight and failed miserably because I just deprive myself of all the good (read: tasty) things in life, and then completely lose the plot and fall right off the fatty wagon, I think I will start off slowly and still have a little treat occasionally, if I have exercised that day.

I'm going to take a look at a couple of weight loss competitions such as Body For Life and see if I am game enough to enter one. Have taken a huge liking to Zumba after one class a week ago before i got a cold. Now that thats gone, will have another go at Zumba. Ive got the dvds at home too so will have a go. Be nicer than going for a walk when its raining anyway.

I think for me the biggest issue is not going to be the exercising, but the emotional eating side of things. All my life I have been one to try and solve my problems with food. It never work, but you neglect to remember this when you are feeling down and there is unhealthy food sitting in the pantry. Definitely something to work on...

Sunday, April 4, 2010

The final "before" photo

Ok so I'm completely over this. I had a baby almost 7 months ago, and although I was already overweight before getting pregnant, I lost all my pregnancy weight within about 8 weeks (all 16kg of it) Go the Breastfeeding!!!!
I thought this meant I would end up smaller than before I got pregnant, but noooo oooo. I stayed at exactly that weight for a further 2 months and then lo and behold I GAIN 5 KGS!!!!

Completely unimpressed. This leaves me sitting at around 92kg when I would ideally like to be about 65ish. I'm 1.65cm tall (roughly) so according to my BMI I should be under 60kg, but last time I was 60kg (about 8 years ago) I almost looked too thin.

Thats where this blog comes in. I have so many "before photos" but never an "after" photo. Well none that I would show the world anyway. So starting tomorrow (today is Easter :O) I'm going to weigh in, eat some healthier food, and get my butt out there for a walk!!

Hubby and I want to start trying for baby #2 in about 6 months, so realistically if I can even lose .5kg a week until then, I'm going to be in a much better position to carry another baby and hopefully not end up with back pain and gestational diabetes next time.

So if there is anyone out there reading this, please join me on my journey towards being a fitter healthier mummy and never again taking a "before" photo.

Nikki :O)

Goals for me:

Weight Loss (kind of obvious really) I'd like to get down to about 75 kg before getting pregnant again, but long term, down to 65kg.
10km Fun Run
Walk a half marathon