Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mama can't count!

Today was my 3 year wedding anniversary so should have been a good day but it was a SHITE day!! Lots of things went wrong but putting that aside, high points of today would have to have been taking my 7 month old baby, Dex, for his first swim at the pools, which he absolutely loved! And the other high point is getting in an 8km walk when I left my car intending on only doing about 5-6km! Actually I completely miscalculated and got myself all confused. I got halfway through the walk, was turning around to come back and thought that I had gone 6km already and therefore my walk would be 12km by the time I got back to the car.
Was so proud of myself when I got back to the car, absolutely stuffed but happy I can now manage over half of what I need to do in August.... then I drove it and checked the distance.... It was only 8km :( GUTTED!!!! But still, at least it was more than I had planned to do!

So am pretty tired tonight after a long day, but feel I have at least achieved something. And I can go to sleep happy as I had a huuuge bunch of flowers dropped off to me by my sister in law, my hubby sent her to get me a big bunch of flowers on his behalf as he is out of town. They smell great and are so pretty.

Time for sleep now, good night everyone :O

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