Monday, April 12, 2010

This weeks weigh in - Week One

So I just weighed in for the week. I wasn't expecting great things at all considering my less than fantastic start to all of this. But I've lost 1.2kg! Imagine what would have happened if I had worked as hard as I planned and eaten better!!

I have picked an event to work towards. Actually 2 events...

The Taupo Half Marathon and Taupo Off Road Marathon!! I will enter both as a walker and the first isn't until August 1st so plenty of time to improve on my current 5km walks!!! Entries haven't even opened yet but I'm gonna get in there as soon as they do open.

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  1. Hey dude! Wow, you are so inspirational, and I love the way you write, the final before pic is a neat way to think about it. This is awesome! What is hubby doing this week? I find it waaay easier to be good when mine is away too, he is naughty and doesn't understand that you can't have treats every day! Out of curiosity, how long does it take to walk 5km? Have a good day!


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