Monday, April 5, 2010

Day 1

EEEEKKK 92.7kg!!!
Ok so it was just Easter (and I do have lots of chocolate left over) but still... Besides when I was pregnant I have never been over 90kg.
So todays mission is to get my lazy butt outside and go for a walk.
Considering how many times I have tried to lose weight and failed miserably because I just deprive myself of all the good (read: tasty) things in life, and then completely lose the plot and fall right off the fatty wagon, I think I will start off slowly and still have a little treat occasionally, if I have exercised that day.

I'm going to take a look at a couple of weight loss competitions such as Body For Life and see if I am game enough to enter one. Have taken a huge liking to Zumba after one class a week ago before i got a cold. Now that thats gone, will have another go at Zumba. Ive got the dvds at home too so will have a go. Be nicer than going for a walk when its raining anyway.

I think for me the biggest issue is not going to be the exercising, but the emotional eating side of things. All my life I have been one to try and solve my problems with food. It never work, but you neglect to remember this when you are feeling down and there is unhealthy food sitting in the pantry. Definitely something to work on...

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