Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Busy Multi-Tasking Mummy

Dex meeting his "cousin" Anna for the first time.

So I just realised it has been over a week since I last posted! And that post was a blah post too. Oops. Sorry bloggy friends. I will try harder.

So what have I been doing?

Well, I have been busy over at The Mummy Diaries, we had our first giveaways, one for the blog and one for the Facebook Page. The birth stories keep rolling in too, which is great, please feel free to send yours in, with pictures if you like. Email them to us here.
Trying to do "surprised" faces. I don't think Dex got it.

On Friday last week, I set up a new blog page called www.nzwahmshowcase.blogspot.com. The idea of it is to give free advertising to Work at home parents. It was initially WAHMs but I decided that was a little sexist of me and so changed it. Of course I will support WAHDs as well! So anyway, the idea is that as WAHPs can join up and as they post new articles to their blogs advertising their products/services, I will have them added to mine, to increase the traffic to their pages, and hopefully increase their business. At some stage I would like to have paid advertising on there also, but for now, the site is totally free and I am doing it from the goodness of my heart :) Cos I'm nice like that. So if you want to be on board, please email me. There is only 4 followers so far, but I hope that as it builds up a little, there will be more people wanting to advertise their products/services and more people to read about them!

There is also a permanent page which will eventually have a proper built up directory that you can go to to find particular services in your area, as there are more people to put in it!

No, he didn't drink the bourbon (so daddy tells me)

Moving on!

I made my first tutu! Not too bad for a first attempt I think. I have another under way now. This one is for a 9 year old, and the new one I'm making is bright blue and is for a 6 month old. As you can see I changed the ribbon, the pic with 2 ribbons is what it looks like now.

I have been working, walking and weight watching. 300g down last week, which is better than gaining weight, which I was doing for the few weeks before this one.

Besides that, I have been trying to spend lots of quality time with my 2 favourite boys.

So that's me! The last 9 days of my life. Now I have to go feed the cat before she...
A. Wakes up Dex with her constant meowing.
B. Drives me to insanity with her door scratching.

And then it is bed time. Night Night all!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday Blues

So I just had a few pics of me posted on Facebook, and I have to say they are TERRIBLE! Not that the person taking the pics did a bad job, but I look bloody awful. Puffy, fat, regrowth, double chins. Not good.

That said, this is what I had for dessert last night... (only one of the bowls) Choc Icecream, Choc mousse and choc chips. We felt like chocolate.

So I guess back into stepping up the exercise, being good with my eating again and back on the de-frumpyfying mission, cos I was not happy seeing those pictures!!

On a happier note, I had a pretty good weekend. A friends little boys 1st Birthday party yesterday, here's his birthday cake...

Had a friend over for dinner, dessert, pina coladas and to watch Burlesque. A great movie, but then I love movies like that, with awesome dancing and singing. 

Had my first flea market stall this morning. I only made $28 profit, hubby made $75. Not bad for someone who only decided at the last minute that he wanted to join in. Here's all the stuff I was selling....

I'm going to the Papamoa market next weekend. I am going to try and knock out a couple of tutus and see if there is any interest. Must finish the other ones I'm making for friends first though!.

So that's my weekend. Lots of fun was had, back to being good again tomorrow though.

Nikki xx

Monday, March 14, 2011

I'm baaa-acck!

Hi Bloggy World.

It's been awhile. I have been so super busy and also feeling like complete crap lately I haven't bothered to write much as it would have been boring and woe-is-me.

But here I am! And I have been doing a bit of shopping lately and thought I might share with you my purchases.

First up - Friday's attempt. A new (very girly) scarf, from Pagani. New boots from Hannahs. (Courtesy of my mummys wallet), and a stack of fabric from my secret fabric buying place. All that fabric cost me $2.70!!

Saturday - I didn't get pictures of them, but I got Dex 2 pairs of pants and a pair of shoes from Zero-Five at the Mount, for $11 all up.

Sunday - Went to the Papamoa Flea Market and got all these succulents for $10. I have given up on flowering plants in my front garden as it is too dry and sunny. Also on Sunday we picked up our new hiking carry pack. We have another one to pick up in Auckland, but hubbs decided to bid on a few to ensure he won one. (He won 3). Anyway, Dex loves it!

Today (Monday) - Went to the Waipuna Hospice Shop and got all of these toys for $3 and then Dex's first ever pair of gumboots from the Warehouse, normally $22.95, but got them for $3.97. Buzz Lightyear and all!

So yeah. A bit of shopping has been done by moi. But it was all cheap shopping so I'm ok with it!

Nikki xx

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Productive Mummy

So I've been quite productive lately. I'm pretty proud.

Sunday afternoon hubby took the boy on a "boys outing" to give me some quiet time. Which I of course proceeded to spend doing housework. In the couple of hours they were gone I did dishes, washed washing, hung washing, folded some more washing, vaccuumed, cleaned toilet, sent some emails and made a big start on sorting all my Trade Me stuff and pricing it all to put it in a flea market/garage sale instead. Hoping I can sell more that way.

Then while Dex was having his afternoon sleep, I wrote this article, for my other page that I write with Miss Bonnie from The Baby Bump. I was quite pleased with it and have had some good feedback. Oh. And I also baked muffins and a Banana Choc Chip Cake.

Yesterday Dex and I went for an hour or so walk in the nice cool sunshine, then more washing, vacuuming and dishes and visited his nanna and even napped.

Today is a home day, at least until it is time for me to go to work at 3.30. Tomorrow will be much of the same, as well as going to the supermarket and a catch up with Rhiannon from Remarquable Junque.

Only 7 weeks til we go to Wellington for a week!! I really can't wait!! I haven't been there in years and it will be our 11 years "together" anniversary and 4 year Wedding Anniversary while we are there, so it's extra spesh.

Monday, March 7, 2011

New Post over at The Mummy Diaries - Emotional Eating.

Happy Monday!

It's my turn again today for an informative post over at The Mummy Diaries. You can check it out here. A "from the heart" post about Emotional Eating.

We are about to start up our first giveaway, when we reach 30 followers. More details to come, but be sure to go over and follow us!

Also, you can "like" my page, Multi Tasking Mummy, by clicking here.

I'll be back later today for a proper post, but for now, my Mummy job calls :)

Nikki xx

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My favourite places to be

Below is my post I just put up on The Mummy Diaries page. Feel free to check it out here or over there!

I haven't travelled a whole lot so far, we are saving up for when we have grown up kids, or places we can take them when they are older.

With my 2 favourite boys. A given, I know, but I best put them in here anyway!

Hamilton Island - Where we enjoyed a week of our Honeymoon almost 4 years ago. We stayed at the Beach Club, which is an adults only resort, and it was AWESOME! We got treated better than any other hotel we have stayed at, and did not want to leave. Of all the Islands in the Whitsundays we stayed at, this was by far the best. Needless to say, if we get back there in the next few years, it will likely to be at one of the "family" hotels, but that's ok. I could do a whole post on Hamilton Island, but I wont!

Mount Maunganui Beach - About a 10 minute drive from our house and a great place to be Winter or Summer. In fact I prefer it on a cold, clear Winters day.

Fiji. Tambua Sands on the Coral Coast to be exact. We stopped off here for 2 weeks on the way home from a month in Australia, and it was fantastic!

Anywhere that is with my friends. All of them great friends and none that I see anywhere near often enough! Hence some of these photos being up to 4 years old. The wonders of becoming parents and living in different towns I guess. 

So there you have it. A few of my favourite places to be. Ok so a couple aren't actual "places" but hey, they make me happy :)

Nikki xx