Monday, March 14, 2011

I'm baaa-acck!

Hi Bloggy World.

It's been awhile. I have been so super busy and also feeling like complete crap lately I haven't bothered to write much as it would have been boring and woe-is-me.

But here I am! And I have been doing a bit of shopping lately and thought I might share with you my purchases.

First up - Friday's attempt. A new (very girly) scarf, from Pagani. New boots from Hannahs. (Courtesy of my mummys wallet), and a stack of fabric from my secret fabric buying place. All that fabric cost me $2.70!!

Saturday - I didn't get pictures of them, but I got Dex 2 pairs of pants and a pair of shoes from Zero-Five at the Mount, for $11 all up.

Sunday - Went to the Papamoa Flea Market and got all these succulents for $10. I have given up on flowering plants in my front garden as it is too dry and sunny. Also on Sunday we picked up our new hiking carry pack. We have another one to pick up in Auckland, but hubbs decided to bid on a few to ensure he won one. (He won 3). Anyway, Dex loves it!

Today (Monday) - Went to the Waipuna Hospice Shop and got all of these toys for $3 and then Dex's first ever pair of gumboots from the Warehouse, normally $22.95, but got them for $3.97. Buzz Lightyear and all!

So yeah. A bit of shopping has been done by moi. But it was all cheap shopping so I'm ok with it!

Nikki xx


  1. Ok, I've got a couple of questions. First of all, would you share this magical secret fabric buying place with me (because I'm pretty sure I haven't got enough fabric already)? And also, were there lots of gum pots on sale at the warehouse? Cause yuna has grown out of everything she owns, and new gumboots are a winter necessity!

  2. Oops, that was supposed to say gumboots, not gum pots, stupid iPod spelling corrector!!

  3. Haha I hate ipod corrections, they are pretty much NEVER right.
    My secret place... I will email you it but I am not sure if they let strangers out the back, my nanna works there.
    Gum Boots - yes there were HEAPS and lots were yellow stickered. Fraser Cove Warehouse, down the back wall behind the shoes. Loads of em.

  4. i was like 'gum pots' is that what you kid calls them? :) and that's the 2nd pair I've heard of on special... I might have to go the Warehouse and get Isaac some.
    And I'd like you to take me to this fabric place next time I'm down! Actually, I know where your nanna works. but you'll still have to take me :)


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