Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday Blues

So I just had a few pics of me posted on Facebook, and I have to say they are TERRIBLE! Not that the person taking the pics did a bad job, but I look bloody awful. Puffy, fat, regrowth, double chins. Not good.

That said, this is what I had for dessert last night... (only one of the bowls) Choc Icecream, Choc mousse and choc chips. We felt like chocolate.

So I guess back into stepping up the exercise, being good with my eating again and back on the de-frumpyfying mission, cos I was not happy seeing those pictures!!

On a happier note, I had a pretty good weekend. A friends little boys 1st Birthday party yesterday, here's his birthday cake...

Had a friend over for dinner, dessert, pina coladas and to watch Burlesque. A great movie, but then I love movies like that, with awesome dancing and singing. 

Had my first flea market stall this morning. I only made $28 profit, hubby made $75. Not bad for someone who only decided at the last minute that he wanted to join in. Here's all the stuff I was selling....

I'm going to the Papamoa market next weekend. I am going to try and knock out a couple of tutus and see if there is any interest. Must finish the other ones I'm making for friends first though!.

So that's my weekend. Lots of fun was had, back to being good again tomorrow though.

Nikki xx


  1. how much is it to have a stall at the Papamoa Market? I'd love to go butdon't know if I'd have enough to have a whole stall.

  2. It's $10. It's the same at Bethlehem Markets. If you have something different you should do well.


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