Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Productive Mummy

So I've been quite productive lately. I'm pretty proud.

Sunday afternoon hubby took the boy on a "boys outing" to give me some quiet time. Which I of course proceeded to spend doing housework. In the couple of hours they were gone I did dishes, washed washing, hung washing, folded some more washing, vaccuumed, cleaned toilet, sent some emails and made a big start on sorting all my Trade Me stuff and pricing it all to put it in a flea market/garage sale instead. Hoping I can sell more that way.

Then while Dex was having his afternoon sleep, I wrote this article, for my other page that I write with Miss Bonnie from The Baby Bump. I was quite pleased with it and have had some good feedback. Oh. And I also baked muffins and a Banana Choc Chip Cake.

Yesterday Dex and I went for an hour or so walk in the nice cool sunshine, then more washing, vacuuming and dishes and visited his nanna and even napped.

Today is a home day, at least until it is time for me to go to work at 3.30. Tomorrow will be much of the same, as well as going to the supermarket and a catch up with Rhiannon from Remarquable Junque.

Only 7 weeks til we go to Wellington for a week!! I really can't wait!! I haven't been there in years and it will be our 11 years "together" anniversary and 4 year Wedding Anniversary while we are there, so it's extra spesh.

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  1. Don't you hate it that by the time you've done the washing, hanging and folding, there is always more washing to be done!
    Have fun in Welly! In 7 weeks my life will be totally different!


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