Thursday, September 30, 2010

Weigh in Thursday and another .4kg down!

Ahhh Weigh in day. my jeans were feeling quite loose yesterday and so I was hopeful for a good loss this week.
I am down another 400g :) Not as much as I had hoped for, however I was feeling quite bloated this morning and so a 400g loss is still good.
On another happy note, I tried on some of my clothes from my pre-preggy and just-preggy days, and some of them fit again!! I am so stoked! Still a little tight around the spongey post-baby waistline but still, another couple of kg and I might need to go shopping for some new clothes, even though I have a whole wardrobe of "smaller" clothes, shopping would still be fun!

Was meant to go to the gym this morning but baby wanted to **GASP** sleep, so we will do the grocery shopping today and gym tomorrow morning instead. Am looking forward to it too which is a good sign!! 

Monday, September 27, 2010

Aahhh Daylight Savings!..

Happy Monday everyone!

Just been to the gym while my mum watched the little man. Was a lot quieter this time, maybe because I went slightly later, maybe because it's school holidays, I don't know. Either way it was good!
Little monster is asleep and I have just had a shower and **GASP** painted my toenails! Very posh.  I started on the big mission that is cleaning out my wardrobe yesterday, got most of it done, all sorted into shelves of clothes I currently fit (the smallest section), clothes I should fit in 5kg, 10kg and at the back of the wardrobe up high, 15kg.
I WILL FIT THEM ALL EVENTUALLY!!!!! Preferably the 10kg ones by the end of the year.

That's about all I have to say today really. Little man has had an upset tummy for 10 days now, but is totally happy besides that. Rung healthline last week and they said he sounds like he is fine but I should take him to the docs within "the next 72 hours". I have my doubts they are even qualified nurses, both times I have rung them they have read off a script for the most basic of questions... Anyway, hopefully I find out what is going on, he's hard enough to get weight on him as it is without it all going out the other end!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

First Gym visit down, and another 1kg also down!

Well I weighed in this morning and am down to 89kg! (again) I went up last week but from Monday to today (Thursday) I have lost that kg again. Heres hoping it stays away this time!!!

Had my first visit to the gym today and really enjoyed myself. Felt great to lift some weights again, although now I can barely left the baby!! Was a bit of a hodge-podge workout as had trouble finding the eqiupment that I wanted, but will get better now that I know where it all is :)

Better go, baby is ACTUALLY sleeping for a change so going to do some housework and have a quick shower before work!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Now I really am "getting off my butt"

So a couple of days ago there was this really good deal on signing up at "The Gym" $50 for 6 weeks. So I went for it. I had been mulling over joining a gym anyway but couldn't convince hubby that I would stick with it.
For this price how could he say no? So I went in this morning and got my membership card, had a look around, checked out the creche (Not sure if I liked it) and tomorrow morning I have a babysitter (mum) booked so I can go for first time in years.
Now to look at me, you'd never know I am a qualified Fitness Instructor and almost qualified Personal Trainer, but I am. And maybe one day I will get back into using said qualifications. But for now I am just aiming to lose a bit of weight (9kg to go for more baby making) and just feel better about myself, having been overweight for so long. 9kg will be awesome. That will put me back to roughly what I was when I got married. There would still be another 15ish kg to go long term, but for now, I think this will be an awesome start and I can keep working on it while we try for baby #2.

So wish me luck! Will check back in here tomorrow after I have gymmed my little heart out. Am changing my weekly weigh ins to Thursdays too, since I will do a pre-gym weigh in tomorrow :)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

A weekend of 1st birthday parties and general over-indulgence is over!

Phew! That was a few very full on days!

Thursday - Baby's first birthday. Lunch at Chinatown (buffet), afternoon tea (cake) with the nannas and grandads.
Friday - Playgroup - Outing to a petting farm, morning tea, then 3 hours of baking cakes and biscuits followed by 4 hours of sticking said cakes together into the shape of a dinosaur and decorating.

Saturday - Son's first birthday party after much cooking and organising.  Photo is below of just how much food there was. But you need lots of food to feed 50ish people. (Actually I think it ended up being about 40 but still.) Then caught up with my great Aunt that I haven't seen in about 10 years.

Sunday - Another 1st birthday party, this time for a friends little girl. Lots of fun and lots of driving as they are about 45 minutes away from us. Lots more food to be had here.

So now it's all over for another weekend and I can get back to being good again. And I can also relax a little as somehow I managed to spend so much time organising the party I had no free time but I'm not really too sure what I was doing to be so busy!!

Have discovered that in the land of Weight Watchers, you can have the Irvines frozen meals and they are not even half the price of a WW one and still the equivilent in points. Bonus!!!

Weigh in day tomorrow... Not expecting great things but at least I will understand why if I end up gaining weight :)

Happy Sunday evening everyone

Monday, September 13, 2010

Been pretty good so far!

So I have been tracking what I eat, and the "points" attached to this for a couple of days now. It's not been too bad but I was silly enough to start right before I have every weekend booked up with birthday parties! So I figure if I at least be really good during the week and stick to what I'm meant to be eating I should be ok.

In my defence I have to say that I have actually been REALLY good, but Saturday lunch was a BBQ at my hubby's bosses house, and Sunday lunch was a 1st birthday party so both lunchtimes were a right-off. I ate as cleanly as I could for breakfast and dinner though to try and make up for it.

Next weekend is no better, it is my boys 1st birthday party on Saturday and his future wife's first birthday party on the Sunday. So will be really good during the week I promise!!!!

Not a lot happening on the exercise front but at least the eating is getting better :)

Don't really have much else to say today, did my weigh in, nothing spectacular am the same as last week but to be expected after a bit of indulgence :)

Hope everyone has a great week.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ok, Gonna cut the cr*p!! (Food)


So the last 2 posts have been all about the naughty food I have been eating in the last 2 weeks. (And believe me, I didn't mention HALF of it!!
A friend (Have previously mentioned her) who lost a whole heap on Weight Watchers has worked out how many points I should be eating if I was to do WW, and taking into account that I am still breastfeeding. So I have sat here this morning and started looking up foods that I regularly eat and working out what I can eat each day. I get alot more points than I thought I would, pleasantly surprised!
My little child tornado who has been a complete and utter monster the last week is finally starting to come right again. He has been insanely hyperactive (overtired), 2 teeth have come through, has had a nasty cold and to top it off I had a yucky cold and hubby was away for 2 nights over the worst of it!!! Those 2 nights were HID-E-OUS!!! Am starting to catch up on sleep now, and feeling lots better, but my point, that I was slowly getting to, is that I haven't even bothered to weigh in this week as I know it's not going to be spectacular. I would imagine I am right back to where I started when I set myself my 10kg before baby #2 goal. Which is still 3.5ish kg less than a couple of months ago.

So rainy today, its great! Although I would like it to stop for a couple of hours this afternoon so that I can go out to the supermarket and get some fresh healthy food!

Since I can't really commit to the gym right at this point in time, i am considering hunting down a yoga/pilates class that I can go to during the day just for something different. I dug out my pilates dvds and books for my mum yesterday and it made me want to get back into it!

Anyway better go get tornado child some lunch before he eats the couch.... He is trying! I guess x-box man sweaty-leather lazy-boys must be tasty to an almost 1 year old!

Friday, September 3, 2010

This blog post is no healthier than the last!!

hehe anyone reading this blog would think that this was a blog about me eating lots of fattening food, not of trying to lose some weight!!!

Today I made a cookies and cream cheesecake, which was accompanied by chocolate eclairs, icecream and SPRINKLES!! A friend and I decided it was time we celebrated the fact that I am no longer a chocolate addict by... well... eating chocolate. Actually it wasn't really that chocolatey, but that's not to say it was healthy! 

Pretty impressed with my cheesecake making skills. I'm even better at eating it though.

So here it is, 11.30pm on a Friday night. Husband is away at a MAN-Shower (husbandly version of a baby shower) where they are all in Whangamata drinking and playing xbox til Sunday. I'm at home with a cold, with our almost 1year old, teething, fluey crankey baby. 2 nights in a row now he has refused to sleep until late. Last night it was 10.30 tonight he went down for an hour then was up until about 10 minutes ago. I'm thinking though that he is still sensitive to the foods I eat, as after eating no chocolate for 12 weeks I had a chocolate bar yesterday and it was straight after that that he got super hypo. Crazy hypo! And then tonight he woke while I was eating my kick ass- fat ass cheesecake etc, and has had about 4 feeds in the last couple of hours and has been wide awake since. 1 year old on a sugar high anyone? I guess that is a very good reason to continue to not eat chocolate, as if I am going to be landed with a hyperactive baby at 11 o clock at night because of it, it's completely not worth the few minutes pleasure at eating it!

So onto exercise - Yes I have been for a walk recently. I have this stupid cold though (5th one this winter, gotta be a record) so have been pretty uninspired. I did go for a 5ish km walk yesterday at least and if it isn't raining in the morning I will go for another.. if I'm not sleeping that is.

On that note, absolutely shattered, baby has been asleep for 10mins, must be time for me to crash now too!

Night all