Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ok, Gonna cut the cr*p!! (Food)


So the last 2 posts have been all about the naughty food I have been eating in the last 2 weeks. (And believe me, I didn't mention HALF of it!!
A friend (Have previously mentioned her) who lost a whole heap on Weight Watchers has worked out how many points I should be eating if I was to do WW, and taking into account that I am still breastfeeding. So I have sat here this morning and started looking up foods that I regularly eat and working out what I can eat each day. I get alot more points than I thought I would, pleasantly surprised!
My little child tornado who has been a complete and utter monster the last week is finally starting to come right again. He has been insanely hyperactive (overtired), 2 teeth have come through, has had a nasty cold and to top it off I had a yucky cold and hubby was away for 2 nights over the worst of it!!! Those 2 nights were HID-E-OUS!!! Am starting to catch up on sleep now, and feeling lots better, but my point, that I was slowly getting to, is that I haven't even bothered to weigh in this week as I know it's not going to be spectacular. I would imagine I am right back to where I started when I set myself my 10kg before baby #2 goal. Which is still 3.5ish kg less than a couple of months ago.

So rainy today, its great! Although I would like it to stop for a couple of hours this afternoon so that I can go out to the supermarket and get some fresh healthy food!

Since I can't really commit to the gym right at this point in time, i am considering hunting down a yoga/pilates class that I can go to during the day just for something different. I dug out my pilates dvds and books for my mum yesterday and it made me want to get back into it!

Anyway better go get tornado child some lunch before he eats the couch.... He is trying! I guess x-box man sweaty-leather lazy-boys must be tasty to an almost 1 year old!

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