Thursday, September 30, 2010

Weigh in Thursday and another .4kg down!

Ahhh Weigh in day. my jeans were feeling quite loose yesterday and so I was hopeful for a good loss this week.
I am down another 400g :) Not as much as I had hoped for, however I was feeling quite bloated this morning and so a 400g loss is still good.
On another happy note, I tried on some of my clothes from my pre-preggy and just-preggy days, and some of them fit again!! I am so stoked! Still a little tight around the spongey post-baby waistline but still, another couple of kg and I might need to go shopping for some new clothes, even though I have a whole wardrobe of "smaller" clothes, shopping would still be fun!

Was meant to go to the gym this morning but baby wanted to **GASP** sleep, so we will do the grocery shopping today and gym tomorrow morning instead. Am looking forward to it too which is a good sign!! 

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