Monday, September 27, 2010

Aahhh Daylight Savings!..

Happy Monday everyone!

Just been to the gym while my mum watched the little man. Was a lot quieter this time, maybe because I went slightly later, maybe because it's school holidays, I don't know. Either way it was good!
Little monster is asleep and I have just had a shower and **GASP** painted my toenails! Very posh.  I started on the big mission that is cleaning out my wardrobe yesterday, got most of it done, all sorted into shelves of clothes I currently fit (the smallest section), clothes I should fit in 5kg, 10kg and at the back of the wardrobe up high, 15kg.
I WILL FIT THEM ALL EVENTUALLY!!!!! Preferably the 10kg ones by the end of the year.

That's about all I have to say today really. Little man has had an upset tummy for 10 days now, but is totally happy besides that. Rung healthline last week and they said he sounds like he is fine but I should take him to the docs within "the next 72 hours". I have my doubts they are even qualified nurses, both times I have rung them they have read off a script for the most basic of questions... Anyway, hopefully I find out what is going on, he's hard enough to get weight on him as it is without it all going out the other end!


  1. Hey Nikki, Yuna had a problem like that with her tummy when she was younger, it started off as a tummy bug, then she just continued to have an upset tummy for months afterwards. I heard of someone else who had the same problem, and it was some kind of temporary lactose intolerance caused buy the bugs that started it, and after a couple of weeks of no lactose she was back to normal. Not sure if it's the same thing with Dex, but it's something to consider if it continues. I find the same thing with helpline, they sound like robots, they ask you five billion questions, meantime you have a kid screaming in the background and you just want an answer! But then I'm not keen on the whole medical profession in general.

  2. Funny you say that Rhiannon, the Doc is certain that is exactly what it is, a secondary infection after a nasty cold he had a couple of weeks ago. So have to cut his dairy out, get a wee sample (not sounding so fun) and he should be all go. Fingers crossed!


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