Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Now I really am "getting off my butt"

So a couple of days ago there was this really good deal on signing up at "The Gym" $50 for 6 weeks. So I went for it. I had been mulling over joining a gym anyway but couldn't convince hubby that I would stick with it.
For this price how could he say no? So I went in this morning and got my membership card, had a look around, checked out the creche (Not sure if I liked it) and tomorrow morning I have a babysitter (mum) booked so I can go for first time in years.
Now to look at me, you'd never know I am a qualified Fitness Instructor and almost qualified Personal Trainer, but I am. And maybe one day I will get back into using said qualifications. But for now I am just aiming to lose a bit of weight (9kg to go for more baby making) and just feel better about myself, having been overweight for so long. 9kg will be awesome. That will put me back to roughly what I was when I got married. There would still be another 15ish kg to go long term, but for now, I think this will be an awesome start and I can keep working on it while we try for baby #2.

So wish me luck! Will check back in here tomorrow after I have gymmed my little heart out. Am changing my weekly weigh ins to Thursdays too, since I will do a pre-gym weigh in tomorrow :)

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