Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Week Three Weigh In

So disappointed. I was so good last week and went for my biggest walk so far (8km) and yet I have GAINED weight! 200g, which I know isn't a huge amount but I really had hoped to lose weight this week. Oh well just means I gotta work a bit harder I supose.
Entries for the Half Marathon have opened now, I think I will enter this week so that I REALLY have to do this, although with the amount of people that I have told about it so far, I wouldn't get off too lightly if I did try to squirm out of it!!
I have been amazed at the amount of people that are interested in my progress, from setting up a Facebook Page I already have 47 people following me, and 5 of those have come across to this page as well, all good motivation for me though, knowing there are people who are going to want to know how I am progressing.

Raining today and has been all night. Was meant to be going for another 8km walk today, but really wouldn't be fair on Dex to stick him in the pram for a couple of hours while I walk. I have a rain cover but still, not much fun. So will see how the weather goes, might go for a shorter walk and hope it fines up tomorrow. I am husbandless until Thursday night so I'm sure I will need something to fill in my time :)

Hope that everyone has a good week


  1. Don't be sad Nikki Noo!(nurses hat on) Remember body weight fluctuates naturally with things like hormones etc(water weight) & 200gms sounds like water weight. You're doing good! Keep on going & try not to get all caught up in the scales (easier said than done huh) Maybe a day for cracking out those Zumba dvd's aye?

  2. Yeah maybe. Got the wii fit out again yesterday, have been boxing and "cycling" all last night. Swimming today, and prob get my walk in this arvo cos the swim is more about taking dex swimming, not me :)


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