Monday, December 6, 2010

Bon Jovi rocked!!

So we went to Bon Jovi last night and it absolutely ROCKED!!! I think Jon himself was off his rocker for a good 75% of the show (if not all) he even had creepy facials where his eyes rolled back in his head. After that happened a few times though, they stopped showing close ups of his face. Funny that.

Was pretty loud as you would expect a Bon Jovi concert to be, and we went in quite apprehensive about our seats, as we had picked them when it was booked at Ericsson and they didn't look like they were going to be any good at Vector. We were so wrong. Man, I think they would have to have been the best seats we could have gotten! Absolutely perfect. Will be booked seats in that area next time I think.

It was a really long day for me. Saturday I didn't get to sleep until after midnight, was woken at 6.30am Sunday as that's when Dex decided to wake up, then was up until 3am Monday Morning. So I was pretty shattered!! Besides that though, I had a great time, got a few good pictures too which I will post below.

Hubby was our chauffeur and so he got to have today off work as he would have been too tired this morning. Lucky boy, Dex and I even went out for the afternoon so he could play Xbox in his man cave in peace. Damn we good to him :)

(ps 3 of these 4 photos stolen from Kelly :) In case she thinks I am taking her glory!)

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