Thursday, December 9, 2010

Here's to my cute lil walking baby!

So my little tornado too a bit longer than all his friends to start walking, but we look to be away now.
On Monday morning he was able to take 4 steps before plopping back down. By Monday night he was taking 20 steps without holding on to anything!! Unfortunately the next trial after the 20 steps resulted in a massive crash and a huge bump on his forehead. He didn't actually hit it that hard, just on a bad angle I guess.

Anyway, said crash appears to have hindered his confidence as we are back down to 4 steps again. Poor little guy. He absolutely LOVES pushing his bike around the lounge though, and gets SO MAD if we try to take him away from it.

Another plus side from being so active is that he is sleeping better than ever!! He has a 1.5-2 hour sleep in the morning, uuuussually a sleep in the afternoon then sleeps 8pm-7.30, generally without getting up. Now that I have said that, what's the bet he will have a terrible night tonight? :)

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