Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Years Resolutions - What's yours?

So it's the 30th December and I thought I would start working on those things we hear so much about at this time of year - New Years Resolutions. Overrated though they may be, I always like to have a few jotted down to try and make myself a better person in the future.

I asked my hubby what his New Years Resolutions are, and you know what he said? "Nothing, I'm perfect" So I asked him, "If you weren't perfect, what would your resolutions be then?" "To be more like me"

**Sigh** It was just another typical conversation with my husband that has an answer for everything.

So anyway, MY Resolutions.

1. Get pregnant with baby #2.
2. To be more relaxed about things... chill a little.
3. Drink more water, eat less crap.
4. Invoke my happy place when driving and not get so Road Ragey.
5. Spend more time on my craftier pursuits, instead of having a box of half finished projects that never gets finished.
6.Get back into my walking. Not another half marathon, but just going for walks more often.
7. Get back on track with my eating.
8. Be more organised with my housework.
9. Take the boy out on more fun outings, instead of mostly just taking him out when I run errands.

So I have a few already. I will probably add more before the weekend, but for the meantime, have you thought about your Resolutions? Any you'd care to share?

Have a great rest of 2010!!



  1. Haha - he sounds so funny (just like my husband!). Great resolutions - have a wonderful New Year!!

  2. Great resolutions. Mine are similar, but my main one is get back into blogging and stick with it! I get distracted so easily. Anyway, if you ever want to come over for some crafty mummy time, just let me know. I have a pretty well stocked craft room, and if I ever get around to tidying it (resolution #2), there will be plenty of space for two, and the little ones can play in the lounge right next to us (or sleep preferably).

  3. @Paisley Jade - Thanks for the comment, and yes, hubby is a real comedian! @Rhiannon - That would be great! Kvarn (hope I spelled right) is only 6ish weeks younger than Dex aye?


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