Thursday, December 9, 2010

The cuteness that is a 15months olds jibber-jabber

I am absolutely blown away by how far my Little Tornado has come in the last week. Besides the walking, his vocabulary has increased hugely!!

Now, besides the usual Mum, Bub, Dad, Dog, Pusssss, hat, hi, bye that we have had for awhile we now have:

My dad dad (hubby loves this one)
My Ted (while holding his bed time teddy, very cute)
Mudd (the cat)
Odie (the dog, said in a rather creepy deep voice... must have heard us telling the dog off)
Bawoooon (Balloon. Very cute, especially when he is pointing at the Xmas baubles in shopping centres)
Duck (followed by lots of quacking)
We can now sing "Old MacDonald" and he chimes in perfectly with eee iiiiiiii eeee iiiiiii makes us laugh every time.

There's a few others I can't think of right now. But unfortunately, with great vocabulary, comes great bossyness. At 15 months of age he is already getting very good at telling us what he wants. Especially if he is crawling. He just rams his head into your leg and keeps pushing until you move, or points at a closed door, looks at you and says "OUT!!"

A lot more of that to come I'm sure!


  1. hi, i just read your time saving tips on KMB, they were great thanks! I'm a fellow tauranga blogger, have got a list down the side of my blog of local bloggers so will add yours now! from megan

  2. Hi Megan! Thank you for that. You have so many followers! Hopefully I will have that many one day :) Have added you to mine now also.


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