Thursday, November 25, 2010

Why hello there blog, I have missed you!

Dear Bloggy.

Am very sorry to have neglected you for the last 11 days (a record I think) but I have had a few things happening.

1. Kidney Infection. Well, they THINK it's a kidney infection. They also thought it may have been ovary infection, appendicitis, or just "a bug" so have had multiple docs visits, blood tests etc and put on antibiotics to try fix "it" have finished antibiotics now and am slightly better although totally overdid it today and now feel even worse. Sigh.

2. Writing an article for Kiwi Mummy Blogs. Have written it, but feel it is too long and wordy so am working on that again tonight so I can send it off. Also have sent off first Answers to a Q&A section on same site. Keeping me out of trouble

3. Trying to not be on internet so much. I'm sorry. But I'm getting more housework and other stuff done so it is a good thing.

4. Trade Me auctions. I have heaps of them and many are selling finally.

5. Entering a creative writing competition through AUT and coming up with ideas for that.

So a few reasons for not being here, I am sorry but I am back now and I just realised that I never checked in last week with my fabulous weigh in news!! As of last Friday I was down to 87.7kg, which is the lightest I have been in over a year!!! Woop Woop. I guess it helped I hadn't had much appetite but hey, I'll take what I can get!!!

I will check in tomorrow with weigh in results, (if they are good!!)

Til then, goodnight Blog-World

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