Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My Lunch - Day 1 and 2

Am running out of things to write about to make these posts more regular. So I have decided to keep myself honest, I will take a photo of my lunch every day. Can't be bothered doing all meals, so will stick to lunch as this is the one I often stuff up with and get a cake or something to go with my lunch.

So day one, I had a plain Tortilla Wrap, with tomato and lots of C's - Capsicum, cream cheese and chop chop chicken!!
It was ok, but the wrap was a bit stale and even nuking it in the microwave didn't help..

Todays lunch was even nicer, but unfortunately I was so hungry that I ate it before remembering to take a photo!! But it was a sundried tomato tortilla wrap with cream cheese, tomato, roast beef and a little plum chutney. Was sooo good. Accompanied again by a sprite zero with some blackcurrent apple juice and a Weight Watchers bar (Black Forest if you were interested). Very tasty though!!

Am really hoping to be below 88kg tomorrow. Even 87.9 I will be happy as haven't been able to get below 88.2 for ages. After my last few weeks though, any loss will be good!!

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