Wednesday, October 27, 2010

So cutting out my daily sprite Zero made ABSOLUTELY nothing!

Well. Never mind. It was worth a try.

I usually have at least 1 glass of sprite zero a day, usually 2-3 smallish glasses. In cutting them out from Sunday-Friday night, my weight STILL stayed exactly the same. But it was worth a go, and I will still try to keep the amount of fizz I have to a minimum.

I am weighing in again tomorrow, and as much as I would love for the scales to go down, I don't feel that positive about it, after my huge dinner I had last night at Lone Star (early birthday dinner). Was a huge gorge, and wasn't that good in the weekend either, so if the scales reflect that, it's my own fault.

ON A POSITIVE (very positive) note, I am sitting here, about to shoot out to work for a meeting, and I am wearing a pretty new top, and a new pair of jeans, both in a size smaller than I have been able to comfortably fit since before having my baby. SO I AM HAPPY!!!!! The jeans aren't even that uncomfortable!!

Am still hopeful for a good number tomorrow, but if you don't hear from me, you know why!! :)

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