Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Accidently had BK today.. Oops how did that happen?

So I was having a pretty cruddy day, it was raining and baby was asleep in his carseat. So I went through the Burger King drive through. In my defence, it was my first bk/wendys/maccas in over 3 months (yes I had fish n chips on friday but that's different!!) and I only had a small grabba chicken meal.

Wasn't even that great, very dry and salty.

So I ended up just feeling worse and got home and lil man REFUSED and I mean REFUSED to sleep. Took 2 hours of screaming crying baby before he finally conked out on me... then when I tried to move him to his cot after 15 minutes he woke straight away and so I gave up and took him to mums so I could go to work. Where of course he was a little (tired) angel. Great. However I have since noticed that we have graduated from 1 molar trying to come through to 3. Could explain a fair bit!!!

Weigh in day tomorrow and I am now concerned that I am not going to have a good result. It probably wasn't the smartest day to have burger and chips for lunch :)

Will be back in tomorrow to update!

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